Learn Five Secrets of Staying Slim FOREVER!

Staying away from eating too much can be quite hard, but there are a few easy ways to trick your brain and stay away from eating too much. Learn these tricks.

Ever since we were kids, we were taught to finish all the food on the plate. For decades we have had this mentality. We have been taught since childhood to eat everything, whether or not it is good for health! This teaching eventually lead to our tendency to eat too much. Eating too much is a horrible problem. But if you want, you can easily put an end to this.

Small Sips

While drinking (other than water), drink slowly and take small sips. When taking big gulps, the brain becomes confused about the quantity being consumed. It might be a liquid, but it also contains calories, for example, orange juice, energy drinks or any other soft drinks.

Eat Fragrant Food

Our smell detectors play an important role in maintaining our appetite. The smell of food helps fill the stomach quickly. The more fragrant the food, the faster we lose our desire to eat it. In a research, a few people were kept in a room that smelt of vanilla. Later, people, including the people from the room, were given vanilla custard. The people from the room ate less. The main thing is that if you have smelt the food before, your stomach will fill up quickly.

Using Opposite Colors

If the color of the plate is the same as the color of the food, the brain fails to understand how much has been eaten. If the plate is of the opposite color, the brain clearly understands the quantity. So this method can be applied while eating.

Using Small Plates

Big plates can carry a larger amount of food. So if we eat from bigger plates, it is quite natural for us to eat more. Small plates may carry less food but it still looks more when it is full. So this method can be applied when eating as well.

Reduce Light and Sound

Research has shown that a ‘Restaurant Atmosphere’ keeps people from eating too much. So create a restaurant atmosphere at home. Reduce light and sound as much as possible during mealtime. You may even try playing soft music in the background just like at a restaurant.



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