Want To Lose Weight? Eat This Daily To lose ten pounds a month

Yes, you heard right! We are talking about losing ten pounds a month, that is while stuffing yourself with good food! What should you do? NOTHING! To lose ten pounds a month without any exercise, you just have to eat this twice daily. It is quite tasty and you can still add many flavors to it. Not just that, you do not need to cook it at all! Just mix up a few ingredients and your weight reducing secret formula is prepared! Let us find out more.

What To Do?

Not much, just eat this twice daily instead of your daily food in the exact prescribed amount. You must have this at dinner and either at breakfast or lunch, whichever you prefer. And for the meal where you have normal food, do not have any carbohydrates, sweet or fried food. Grilled chicken or fish along with vegetables (cooked or not) should be on the menu. A maximum of one flat bread may be added. And you may eat fruits or salad as much as you want. Do not have any soft drinks and use diabetic sugar instead of regular sugar on the days you diet.

How Will This Reduce Your Weight?

This tasty food is made of oats, sour curd and milk that contains only six hundred calories. But it keeps your stomach full for a long time. It has a high level of fiber so it improves metabolism and helps reduce weight. an average of thirty five hundred calories should be burned to lose one pound. If you eat this food twice daily, you will gain six hundred calories; and if you avoid carbohydrates, sweets and fried food for your other meal, then even if you stuff yourself, you will gain a maximum of four hundred to five hundred calories. Adding up everything, even if you stuff yourself, your daily calorie intake will be one thousand calories. An average person’s daily calorie demand, based on their weight and work is between fifteen hundred and twenty five hundred. If you consume one thousand calories a day, thirty five hundred excess calories are burned in three days. In this way, ten pounds or more a month will be reduced. To get good results, work out for thirty minutes to one hour each day. This will reduce weight quickly.

Here Is That Amazing Recipe:


  • Rolled Oats: half cup
  • Skimmed or non-fat milk: one-third cup
  • low fat sour curd: one-third cup
  • Diabetic Sugar: Taste wise
  • Any one or two fruits of choice: half cup

If you want, you can add spicy or sour flavor instead of sweet along with vegetables. But of course, do not add oil or sauce.

Making Process:

Mix up all the ingredients other than the fruit at night. Cover it and keep it in the refrigerator. In the morning, You will realize that a tasty dish has been prepared. You can eat this the whole day. You can eat it cold or warm it up if you want. If you want to lighten it up, then add water. But do not add anything other than the mentioned ingredients.




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