The Drinks That INCREASE Weight

You may have drinks during breakfast. But did you know that having the wrong drinks for breakfast may increase your weight? A statement of a health website revealed the names of some drinks that catalyze weight gain. Let’s find out about these drinks:

Chocolate Milk
Chocolate is added to milk in order to make it tastier, and it becomes a delicious drink. But many people do not know that this mouth watering drink helps weight gain. A glass of chocolate milk contains two hundred to two hundred and fifty calories (which is equal to that in half a burger) whereas one glass of milk contains seventy calories. One glass of chocolate milk also contains five grams of saturated fats. If you want to control your weight, you better not start your day with chocolate milk.

Special Coffee
Coffee does not contain any calorie. But in order to make coffee more tasty, milk sugar and many different flavors are added which makes coffee a reason behind weight gain. Many people drink coffee in the morning to stay fresh the whole day. But if you want to control your weight, you should not add anything to your morning coffee.
If extra sugar and cream are added to morning coffee, every one cup of coffee contains two hundred calories. But different kinds of coffee contains a high amount of carbohydrate. These kinds of coffee contain a high amount of calorie and is less nutritious. So if you want to avoid weight gain, you must avoid any kind of tasty coffee.

Banana Milk shake
Milk shakes are delicious. But this drink is not very useful for those who diet. Bananas contain a high amount of calcium and potassium which is healthy for the body. But one banana contains at least a hundred calories. And making a milk shake requires adding milk, sugar, cream etcetera along with the banana.
One cup of milk, one banana, sugar, cream or syrup and other ingredients make a milk shake with a calorie level ranging between three hundred and four hundred. This kind of milk shake is bad for health and increases weight.

The smoothies served by restaurants contain fruit juice along with excess sugar and flavor. Even though fruit juice is healthy, making a smoothie involves adding color, flavor and sugar which turns it into an unhealthy drink. Even homemade smoothies contain too much sugar.
So if you want to control your weight, avoid having smoothies in breakfast

Curds that contain fats
Curd is a healthy food and the level of fats and proteins in curds in comparatively low. But curds are used to make some special drinks for breakfast that involve adding excess fat to it. This harms the body. Having these in the morning causes its high calorie level to add fat to the body. So if you want to have curd for breakfast, choose the type of curd with a low calorie level.



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