Twenty Ways To PUT ON WEIGHT

Reducing weight may be hard, but to some people, gaining weight is hard and this requires a little hard work and sticking to it. This article contains twenty ways to gain weight. Times Of India published these in their article.

Find The Reason
There can be many different reasons behind being underweight. If the particular reason is found, then it can be quite easy to solve the problem. Insufficient food consumption, large intervals between eating, lack of physical exercise or working out despite insufficient eating- these are some of the main reasons behind being underweight. Other than these, it is necessary to ensure that you do not have any problems in your digestive system or that you do not suffer from any diseases.

Calorie Intake
The amount of calorie in the food must be measured in order to increase weight. If an extra five hundred kilo calorie is consumed every day,, then up to one kilo gram may be gained at the end of the week. But if you want to increase your weight, nothing should be done out of the blue. So the amount of calorie intake must not be increased all of a sudden.

Physical Exercise
There are no alternatives to physical exercise. Increasing weight requires a limited amount of daily exercise. This will increase hunger and, therefore, increase weight. Sports, cardio, weight training and flexibility exercises may be considered for this purpose.

Weight Lifting
Weight lifting is very effective while increasing your body weight. That is why a particular measure of weight must be lifted every day. Other than this, some exercise that does not include any instruments may be used as a weight lifting preparation.

This routine exercise may be carried out as a mean of increasing weight:
Day 1:
Squat: 5X5 times
Pull ups (pulling up your body while hanging upside down with your feet): more than five times
Overhead press: 5X5 times

Day 2:
Squat: 5X5 times
Dead lift: 1/2/3X5 times (Start with low weight, then start increasing the weight every day.
Bench Press: 5X5 times

Day 3:
Squat: 5X5 times
Pull ups: More than 5 times
Overhead press: 5X5 times

Do these 3 days each week.

Healthy Food
A habit of eating healthy food is way better than consuming any medicines or vitamins. This is why it is important to consume proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the right amounts. If necessary, nuts and dry products must be eaten. Junk food may not be much effective as junk food has the same harmful effects on both fat and skinny people.

Add a few items to your food
Add ingredients like Pistachios a and chick peas to your food. If necessary, eat these everyday in the late afternoon. You may also add brown flour flat bread/ bread, soya products, pea nuts, pickles and fiber enriched food to your food menu.

Have a drink that increases hunger. But do not drink too much before a heavy meal. You might lose your appetite.

Reduce the amount of food you eat
Eating every now and then will cause a change in the range of your hunger. But you may have three heavy meals or six light meals a day. Do not have a light meal before a heavy meal. Eating less increases weight in many cases, but in this case you must eat healthy food.

Do Not Consume Sugar Above Limits
If someone suggests you to consume sugar above limits or eat excess sweets in order to gain weight, then they are wrong. The amount of sugar consumed must never cross limits. This creates a condition in the body called “skinny fat”. This means that even if your body is slim, there will be fat accumulated in your body. There may be fat accumulation in many parts of the body

Eat A Lot Of Vegetables And Meat
If you want to gain weight, then you must eat a lot more vegetables and meat than before. This will help produce a lot of hormones in your body that will help maintain your health.

Healthy Fats
Keep healthy fats in your food menu. This can be found in eggs, meat, coconut oil and similar food. Bananas also contain similar fats, so eat a lot of bananas.

Consume Proteins
Proteins play an important role in producing body tissue. This increases the weight of the body

Do Not Forget Eggs!
Eggs contain a high amount of proteins, Vitamins A, D and E and good cholesterol. So do not forget eating eggs daily.

The Food Items That Increase Weight:
Eggs, butter, fish, organic fruit juices, whole wheat, bread, etc

Calorie Enriched Food:
Peanuts, butter, cashew, barley, cheese, frying oil, banana, curd, etcetera.

Caution About Using Supplements
A lot of people take supplements from pharmaceuticals to put on weight. These supplements must not be used without a physician’s recommendation.

Some Actions To Be Taken Concerning Food:

  • Chewing the food properly before swallowing is necessary for good health.
  • Do not have tea or coffee immediately after a meal.
  • Food must be cooked well

The Habits To Be Banned:

  • Your weight may increase if you do not sleep enough. Even though it is not correct, you must sleep at least seven to seven and a half hours daily
    Stop eating in your car
  • You must not eat while watching TV. This disrupts your concentration on eating and reduces the absorption of gastric acids
  • Do not eat the same food every day. You might get bored.
  • Eat what you like. Avoid being pressurized by friends.
  • Stop meeting up with people to have coffee or drink

After Gaining Weight:
If eating sufficiently and physical exercise helps you put on weight, then do not stop. Keep living a healthy life. Monitor the amount of food consumption, control it a bit when necessary or your weight may increase too much. Not doing these altogether may also reduce your weight.



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