How to Breastfeed?

If there are no complications with the mother or the infant, breastfeeding can be started an hour after the baby is born. Breastfeeding is accomplished by placing the nipple and the areola, th

Breast Milk Is Best For The Growth Of The Baby

Deciding to feed your child with breast milk is, in fact, the best decision you can make regarding your child’s future. It is a known fact that breast milk is the best food

When breastfeeding is on red alert

Breastfed babies are considered the luckiest in the world. This is because they not only get lifetime antibodies that will last them for at least 50 years of their life; they also get the mos

Weaning While Breastfeeding

It is rather difficult to breastfeed an infant without any substitute for more than three years. And it is indeed a shame indeed, that some city women don’t even breastfeed for even two mon

Underfeeding, Overfeeding, and Other Problems

While breastfeeding, new mothers are always concerned with the possibility of underfeeding their baby when breastfeeding them. Though this is rather unlikely, there is still

Breast Feeding pumps

Breast pumps are very handy instruments of your mom’s toolbox. It is with this that you a mother can express her milk from her breasts to be stored or even freemen, to be given to the baby

Breast Feeding in Public

  Breastfeeding is something all mothers has to do for their children’s sake. It is not known when the child may need milk. So if there is a need to breastfeed in public, yo

Breastfeeding Toddlers

With the job of giving birth to the baby done, the next step you have to take lies in raising the infant. If there is no problem with both the mother and child, then breastfeeding can star

Calories can be burned through Breast Feed

A mother gains weight during her pregnancy for the whole nine months till the delivery of the baby. After the delivery of the baby, the next challenge the mother faces lies in the raising of the infan

Does Breast Feeding make you nervous? Is it a problem?

All new mothers, of the first or consequent child, find breastfeeding a little daunting at times. The main questions asked by most new or soon to be new mothers is how they will know if the b

Do you want to donate your milk?

The best food to give a baby is breast milk. This is more important if the baby is not in the best of health. The baby gets a great start to his life with breast milk as it ensures that the b

Equipment that makes Breast feeding easy

It is a known fact that breast milk is the best food for babies. Breast milk has the right composition of water, protein, fat and sugar that is needed in the first few months of the baby’s d

Duration for Breast Feeding

People generally believe that children should be breastfed only till they are 6 months to a year old. It’s thought that once the baby walks and eats solid food, breast milk can be substitut

Have You Heard About The Breastfeeding Laws?

There are several states that have their own breastfeeding laws, which are enforced in the workplace. Although this does not look like a serious piece of legislation, it actually is.

The Breastfeeding advantage

Breastfeeding is indeed the best alternative for feeding your baby, and for keeping him healthy and strong. According to experts, breast milk has fats, proteins, and antibodies that will keep the

Toys & Playthings

Playing is essential for children because it is through play that they gain mastery over difficult concepts such as counting, adding, multiplying etc. For a child, play is he

Why Does A Baby Cry?

A newborn baby is asleep almost all the time but the baby cries when she is either hungry, wet, sick, has indigestion or is uncomfortable. When the c

3 Ways To Help Relieve Your Baby’s Excessive Crying

If your baby suffers from uncontrollable fits of crying then no amount of medication or treatment can totally solve the problem. Consult your doctor and in the meantime, you may want to consider the f

How To Look After Twins?

Many times a doctor can tell you in advance if you are going to give birth to twins. A woman who has this advance information should employ a dependable nursemaid to help around the h

What is Meningitis?

Meningitis is the inflammation of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord. Meningitis comes from the word called Meninges.  Meningitis is caused by four types of infections: