3 Ways To Help Relieve Your Baby’s Excessive Crying

If your baby suffers from uncontrollable fits of crying then no amount of medication or treatment can totally solve the problem. Consult your doctor and in the meantime, you may want to consider the following natural tips to help stop or at least minimize your baby’s crying habits.

  1. Somebody new: If you have been struggling to stop your baby from crying for a long period of time by holding them, then you invariably will start to get tired and show signs of stress. Your baby can sense this, as well as notice the change in your facial expressions. In turn, this may make the baby cry more. So what is the possible solution? Simply hand the baby over to a new face in the house that is not worn down and stressed by having to hold a crying baby for hours. The crying may then actually cease.
  2. Too much excitement: When you first have a baby everyone wants to constantly come to see him or her. You also enjoy taking the baby everywhere you go to show off the newcomer to your family. Exposing the baby to new environments and having different people share moments with your baby is absolutely alright but this may prove to be too much stimulation for the baby and will cause non-stop crying. Sometimes a simple solution to your baby’s crying is to take away all of the stimuli that may be causing irritable crying habits.
  3. The need for sucking satisfaction: Believe it or not the simplest way out to excessive crying is to give the baby something to suck. Most parents think that babies need sucking only for nourishment but this couldn’t be further from the truth. When you make an attempt to relieve your baby’s crying with something to suck on, then help them get their fingers in their mouth, offer your pinky finger to the baby (washed thoroughly), or supply an orthodontic style pacifier. WARNING: You should never attach a string to a pacifier. This may cause the baby to choke them.
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