5 awesome front yard landscaping ideas

5 awesome front yard landscaping ideas

Your front yard is the focal point of your home and the first thing guests see when they come over. Although a nice looking lawn can impress everyone in your neighborhood, an eye-catching landscape can even get the attention of those just passing through. If you’ve been searching for landscaping ideas that you can get started on, look no further! Read below for five of the best ideas that can turn your lawn from nice to amazing.

1. Grand Entrance

If you want to create a grand entrance for the front of your home, then do it with trees and shrubs. These work nicely together because they give your landscape different height elements. Start with green shrubs around your lawn and then add in some colorful trees and plants. From here you should plant large trees that match nicely with the other colors you have going on. Graceful shrubs like willows are great, as they will add a relaxed tone to your yard.

2. Simple Pebbles

Pebbles look really nice and will contrast well with plants of all colors. They can be placed alongside your greenery to make a design that is unique and beautiful. Just make sure to use plants that are large, as these will take up a lot of space without requiring you to put in a lot of effort. Try to add in a lot of colors, especially if you like the way a bright landscape looks.

3. Magical Garden

A magical garden entrance to your home will look unique and won’t be something that people soon forget. Start with a lawn that is well-manicured and taken care of. You need plush greenery in order to get this effect, so don’t forget to mow your lawn! From here you should add in beautiful pink and purple colored flowers that are placed strategically in pots and inside of your lawn. If you have a white picket fence this will finish off the look of your space even more.

4. Low Maintenance

If you don’t have a lot of time to put into your front yard, then you probably don’t want to go for anything grand or elaborate. So, start out your front yard with a nice looking lawn and huge boulders placed along the outer edge. Outside of the boulders you can plant natural foliage, which is easy to take care of all throughout the year. Add in a tree if you would like, but the simple elegance of this alone will look great.

5. Elevated Design

Just because there are stairs outside of your home doesn’t mean that you can’t create a beautiful yard that people will remember. One of the best ways to design this type of yard is to create different levels. On each of these levels you will be able to create a lush area of greenery and flowers. Adding in lighting to this will make it look even more special! Put two small planted trees at the bottom of the stairs and you will have something that is inviting, unique and very special.

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