6 Necessary Marketing Strategies to Promote your Local Business

6 Necessary Marketing Strategies to Promote your Local Business

To grow, and gain better exposure they need to get their business on the internet. Almost every huge and small business is on the internet and it gives them better chances to reach out to the masses.

If you’re observing a plateau in sales then you need to implement the marketing strategies we are going to discuss in this article. These are very simple yet intriguing strategies which prompt people to take action.

The first thing you need to analyze is your consumer buying trend like, which age group is you targeting, how much of your customers return towards your product, what motivates people to buy your product. These small and undermined factors play a great role in your business’s success. If your business is new in the industry then you need to make your marketing strategy strong to emerge as a solid entity within a few years.

This article is not only helpful for the new local businesses but also for other businesses that have been around for decades and are thinking of digitizing their existence. Our team of marketers has narrowed down the following strategies to promote your local business online.

The simplest and important thing to get started is to get yourself listed with Google. This helps people to look up for your address, phone number, website or other basic information up using Google. Old school marketing strategies involve word of mouth, radio promotions, and print ads etc. but you’ll be surprised to know that according to the stats of last year, 97% of consumers searched for local businesses on the internet. This clearly indicates the importance of getting listed with Search engines and the power of the internet.

If you think that consumers do not trust just any local business online, don’t get all sad. According to the survey conducted about the reviews on local businesses, 73% of consumers trust local businesses. Listing is simple and requires the following basic information only:

  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Directions
  • Website link
  • Timing hours

For Example Cox Las Vegas is getting itself listed on Google. It will provide all the information about their locality and business timings to facilitate the masses.

  • Start making use out of blogging:

Blogging is an effective way to deliver your message, mission, and agenda to the targeted audience. As I’ve mentioned above that 97% of people are using the internet to find local businesses. Here we need we to understand Search engine optimization a little. The higher we rank on the search engine, higher are the chances of getting our business more visible to masses. It is understood fact that all of us prefer checking out the top three to four search results. Around 47% of clicks go to the top three positions of Google search results. Blogging has the power to push your business to the top of SERPs.

  • Join Local communities and Groups:

Staying active in different communities and groups of your niche proves to be very beneficial for local businesses. Joining local communities and groups gives you chance to reach out to the audience that is actually interested in your product. And is also a great way of staying connected with other businesses.

I’d suggest you join the local Chamber of commerce. It will charge you a small annual fee but it’s absolutely worth it. Attending the different events and meetings will give your brand exposure and introduce it to opportunities.

  • Run Contest on Online platforms:

Contests bring a sense of competition and get people excited about your business. Every major and small business is implementing this technique. Social media platforms are the best pick to run these contests. We suggest brands to conduct such contests which involve user-generated content. You can take the recent trend of 10 years challenge as an example. The whole idea behind these contests is to increase the engagement of the audience and gain their attention.

  • Utilize Yelp:

In addition to the Google listing, you need to get your information verified on Yelp too. You may already have a profile on Yelp because consumers rated you there. But you need to create a proper profile on the platform with all the required information like the timing of business, address, phone number and website to be more accurate and precise. Stats have shown that 90% of customers make a purchase after checking a business’s ranking on Yelp.

  • Devise a Customer Loyalty Program:

We all tend to believe one another’s recommendations. Applying this basic human concept into the marketing gave birth to the customer loyalty programs. These programs have a great positive effect on sales. However, the best thing about this technique is you tend to earn better without even acquiring new customers. These loyalty programs should be focused on the following goals:

  • Increasing the sales frequency
  • Increasing the average sale amount
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