8 reasons why you must choose organic mattress

8 reasons why you must choose organic mattress

Mattresses go hand-in-hand with modern lifestyles. Almost everything that people use in their daily lives has chemical presence in them. Going natural has therefore become the norm of the day.

This has led to a spurt in demand for use of naturally manufactured products.

Among other products, the mattress offers several advantages such as conservation of the environment, comfort and sustainable use for health reasons.

7 reasons why you should own it are mentioned below:

Absence of Chemicals in the manufacturing materials used

The mattress is made of organically grown materials like cotton which is grown without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. On the contrary, other fibers normally contain such hazardous elements which can be detrimental to human health. Organic wool produced from sheep is also employed to make a mattress. These are highly beneficial for people with sensitive respiratory systems. Synthetic fibers give rise to allergic reactions and hence, the organic variety is preferred option. Wool and cotton contain known absorbent and antibacterial properties. Apart from this, they offer great comfort.

Antibacterial Properties give them an edge

Wool is the common material used to manufacture such mattress. As they are laced with antibacterial property, this offers great resistance in growth of the harmful bacteria in the bedding. They have great resistance capabilities against any build-up door. Thus, it helps in preventing the transfer of any bacteria that might be responsible for causing allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.

Fast and Quick Moisture absorbing capacity

Cotton and wool is regarded as the best bedding materials for producing these mattresses. They work brilliantly as perfect natural absorbent. Such materials have an inbuilt capacity to absorb moisture away from human body. Thus, it contributes effectively in maintaining proper hygienic standards. The exterior of the wool repels water and the interior attracts water. This aids in preventing a wicking effect. Thus, other garment layers are prevented from getting moist and drenched.

Insulation and Breathability Features

They play an excellent role of good insulators. They have great flexible features – it keeps you cool in hot summer evenings and warm in cold winter nights. They offer easy breathability and permit proper circulation of air. This helps an individual in maintaining a constant body temperature.


Use of pesticides and chemicals in production of fiber materials can result into allergic reactions among sensitive individuals. Almost all synthetic materials contain polyurethane and this is treated as a common allergen. They may even contain Phthalates and Polyvinyl chlorides and they are broadly connected to obesity and asthma. The good news is – the organic varieties do not contain these allergens are not even exposed to harmful chemicals. They work as an excellent dust mite repellent and thus facilitate prevention of accumulation of dust presence. It may be noted, dust is regarded as most common form of allergen affecting several individuals.

Great body support in a natural way

Use of latex material to manufacture natural mattresses has been in practice for a long time. The material is derived from tree sap of a rubber tree. Apart from offering comfortable sleep, it offers great body support especially to the pressure points and joints.

A wise investment

More and more people are showing preference in selecting these mattresses instead of conventional synthetic products. Health is their topmost priority and they are ready to invest any amount as long as it assures them of good sleep. Though these are a little expensive and hardly last longer, yet it is worth the investment. They offer guaranteed good night sleep without giving rise to instances of body aches and allergic reactions. Thus, it facilitates to begin a new day and thus fits the criteria of a productive investment.

Extremely helpful for babies and kids

Baby or kid skin is highly sensitive to temperature fluctuations. These mattresses have a wonderful effect by giving them a good night’s sleep. Moreover, going for organic mattress is the best way to contribute to the environment, wildlife and contribute to your baby’s well-being. As they come with superb self-ventilating feature, there is a constant circulation of the air in and around the baby when he/she sleeps. Easy breathability feature helps in regulating temperature in a baby. Thus, it prevents them from getting sweaty, uncomfortable and hot.

The natural mattress is naturally fire-retardant as wool is used to make them. Therefore, there is no requirement for unnatural treatments, fire-retardant additive and chemicals. Wrapped in luxurious organic cotton, they offer excellent comfort and support to the baby. This is possible as a combination of Mohair (for warmth) and Coir (for firm support) is used.

Some varieties also contain Horsehair fibers for adding a touch of spring and natural latex. When layered in different degrees of support levels, they work great for beds or cribs. They are 100% hypoallergenic and are at times bathed in a mixture of few oils like lemon, eucalyptus and lavender.


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