A Guide to Creating the Ideal Bedroom

A Guide to Creating the Ideal Bedroom

It’s where the magic happens (apparently); realistically the bedroom is the place to reside at the end of a tough days work.

If you are going to spend a prolonged period of time there every single day, it has to be a well decorated, fully functional place – not a tipping zone for all the miscellaneous items in your house.

It’s really important that you take the time to decorate and furnish the bedroom correctly, the more comfortable and homely it is the better you will sleep and thus everything in your life will seem that much better.

If you are lucky enough to have a wife to share the bed with you at night, I can’t imagine that she’ll want an unhygienic pit to sleep in guys get the drill out.

This article will highlight three top tips that will help you create the perfect bedroom, whether it is from scratch in a new house or modify an existing one.

Pick the Right Bed

The most important part of the bedroom is quite obviously the bed and thus the selection process must be meticulous. There are many factors that need to be considered, do you want a double or a king-size? Striking frame or an understated one? Both, coupled with the type of mattress you desire formulate the three point checklist that all bedroom creators need to complete.

The location of the bed is also very important; do you want to be by the door or underneath the windows? The physical creation of the spectacle that is your bedroom must be proceeded over with great care and attention. You must also shop around before committing to buy, I may be writing as though money is no object but I assure you it is. Look online and visit the physical stores until all the boxes of the checklist are complete at a reasonable price.

You don’t want to be ripped off; it will make you feel as though you can’t move around for fear of breaking something.

Pick Stylish Wardrobes

The other constant apart from a bed in a bedroom is wardrobes. It is the wardrobe that often lets down the whole design. My advice is get them made to measure, companies such as the “Super glide wardrobe company” offer a great service. The wardrobe is made to measure and they are a family business – it makes them seem much more trustworthy and reliable.

You can then paint the doors as you wish or select glass paneling, it’s entirely up to you. Make sure they are of the correct size, if they are too small you will find your clothes scattered all over the room (believe me this gets extremely annoying).

Add some Color

As you get older your thirst for color deteriorates (along with a lot of things bedroom related). Magnolia is the first color that people think of and it is extremely sad. There are an abundance of vibrant and beautiful colors available and they must be used to bring the room to life.

If you pick the ideal bed, wardrobes and then paint the walls in a lovely shade your bedroom is pretty much complete. Paint is cheap and you can do it yourself, be adventurous people!

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