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    How Mobile Apps Pave Way for the Growth of the Small Business?

    By: anandrajendran

    Every business attempts to do something unique, like solving a problem that no one has ever done it before, or finding a way to do something, which is complicated. Some business goes up and down, when it comes to the matter of creativity.


    Try these travel apps- have anexciting trip

    By: anandrajendran

    Travelling is such a wonderful experience to all the backpackers. It makes the people feel more relaxed. In order to make the travel more memorable, planning is the essential thing. This planning starts with, booking for the vehicle, booking rooms, investigating the places to visit and many more things involved in it.

    Terrible SEO

    Terrible SEO Companies – How to Avoid Them

    By: anandrajendran

    On the off chance that a SEO organization ensures page rank in a particular period, particularly on the off chance that it is a moderately brief time, you ought not work with them.

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    Impact of Airbnb in Hotel Industry-Whether it is Affecting the Hotel Guest Loyalty?

    By: anandrajendran

    The world’s largest lodging provider, Airbnb, runs its business in around 192 countries and 30,000 cities across the globe. Now, the company need not have any worries about the high employee turnover rate or the increase or decrease in real estate prices. Since its growth is very large from its beginning in 2008.


    Autonomous Cars are Ready to Hit the Roads and Create a New Era in the Transportation Industry

    By: anandrajendran

    Uber is the leading multinational company in the transport network that was founded in 2009 by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick in San Francisco. The company was the first to launch the transportation service with the tech support that allowed the riders to book their own ride.

    Taxi Service

    Technology Based Taxi Service are more Advantageous than The Normal Ones

    By: anandrajendran

    When compared to the normal cabs, choosing the app based ride benefits the people in many ways. For the past few years, the number of apps based ridesharing companies has increased to a greater extent; these services are more beneficial in many ways.

    World’s First Self-Driving Cars

    World’s First Self-Driving Cars-Hits the Roads of Singapore

    By: anandrajendran

    The dream of nuTonomy was to launch the world’s first self-driving cars. And their dream became reality now.