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It’s a very special thing when you go and get to work with your best friend every day.
Topic : Life, Friendship

When you're working with your best friend every day, it's a very special thing. It's a special thing when you get to work with your best friend every day. You share everything from meetings and deadlines, all the way down to their morning cup of coffee--it really brings out both sides in me as an employee/supervisor!

I love working. I feel guilty about doing nothing; I get bored.

The author state that every human should love working. Work helps us to grow and to fulfill our dream. Doing nothing is a bad thing. Everyone should feel guilty about doing nothing. If you are free then you get bored. Do some work and enjoy your life.

People are not going to like everything.
Topic : Self Love

It is true that people are not going to like everything you do. But it does not mean that you should stop what you love to do. Listen to your heart and keep doing what you like most. It gives us inner peace and self-happiness. Stop thinking about what people are thinking.