Pablo Picasso Quotes

3+ Best Pablo Picasso Authors Quotes

Everything you can imagine is real.

If one can imagine a concept one can work towards bringing it to reality as well and thus inventing new things to improve the world. Our creations first come from our heads. Or maybe everything we imagine already exists somewhere, someplace in this universe. Our brain functions in mysterious ways.

Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.

Anything achieved by anyone is not so easy at all. You have to go a long way to reach your goal. Success is always uncertain. But inspiration is the only thing that takes you close to success or meets it. If you do not get inspiration, you can not work. And you will get it in your work. So always inspire yourself and others to get the taste of success.

Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.

If you want to achieve anything, you have to work to your best. Working is not so easy to perform. Sometimes reluctance may come before your success. In such a situation, you may need the inspiration to go forward. When you find some inspiration, you can again perform well. You will get more inspiration in performing if your work is related to your interest.