William Blake Quotes

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The true method of knowledge is experiment.
Topic : Knowledge

It is believed that knowledge acquired through interest and exploration is always better owned by the learner. A teacher puts effort into leading students to the brink of learning, but the true transmission of knowledge only really occurs when the student is open to and engaged in the information.

A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees.
Topic : Wise

This means that both men are looking at the same things; however, different factors influence their perceptions, making them see things from a completely different point of view. To conclude, different people see things that surround them in a different way.

He who desires, but acts not, breeds pestilence.
Topic : Desires

People who want things but do not actually take the steps to achieve or gain said things will have a certain animosity towards the world. It's like the feeling that something in the world is against you, but it's really your lack of pro-activeness that is befalling you.

Excessive sorrow laughs. Excessive joy weeps.
Topic : Sorrow

“Excess of sorrow laughs. Excess of joy weeps.” This seemed to imply a cyclical nature of emotion in that the good and bad can be linked through excess: any human feeling when over-exerted becomes its opposition.

It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.
Topic : Forgiveness, Friend

Enemies are the people who always hurt us, and always try to do something wrong, but they are not in our hearts. They are unable to hurt our feelings and we can forgive them easily because we are sorry for them. If a friend hurts or deceives you, that is a betrayal. It is much harder to forgive a person who would betray your trust.