Baby Shower Gift Idea: Creativity, Size and Money

I thought I was the creative one until I saw the pile of baby shower gifts. Ideas are one thing; this was something different and special. But, I thought “Why not?” It’s a beautiful and joyous occasion and baby showers let friend and family alike participate in the pre-event jubilation.

If the party was a surprise, then the baby shower gift ideas might require a little stealth detective work. I didn’t see three toasters or anything like that so I asked if there had been a baby shower gift ideas list. The answer was amazing “No!” but coordination on the part of the organizer – a front-office secretary herself – explained the lack of duplication.


The creativity is shown in baby shower gift ideas still astounded me. I thought I was pretty hip and up on these things. Heck, my daughter has had a few kids – two boys and a girl. That’s when I realized I hadn’t been to any of her baby showers. Whoops!

I found out that almost every big retailer now has an online gift registry. Whole websites are dedicated to the gift market and there are a million gifts available for every imaginable occasion. That’s good for us guys because one of the new baby shower trends is to invite the guys to the party. Now right there you see it’s gotten very creative – maybe too creative. It’s no wonder baby shower gift ideas are expanding into the multi-various pre and post-birth areas of unique products and services.

Size of Gifts

My wife’s idea of a baby shower gift is to give things for the baby’s second year. The gift might not be appreciated in the first minute, week or month, but babies grow really fast and having a crisp, new, stylish outfit after all the initial excitement’s over – like at six or eight months – that’s going to be appreciated. Chances are you’ll get a phone call, card or email with a second thank-you included.

Cash Money Still Works

In this age of credit cards, gift certificates, gift cards and coupons, it’s nice and easy to still give a card with cash enclosed. It’s the no fuss, no nonsense baby shower gift idea that everybody understands. The cash might be used for diapers but the thank-you note will still be heartfelt.

Perfect Strangers

Caution! The whole idea of baby shower gift-giving process is infectious and you may find perfect strangers willing to participate. Mysterious unmarked packages filled with good wishes often appear. It seems that the very best baby shower gift idea is still love. I bet you knew that all along.

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