Baby Shower Party Idea: The Idea has Mutated Slightly

The baby shower party idea may have originated because women wanted to get together and pamper the would be the mom. I really do not know who invented the baby shower party idea but whoever did it – they did great. It is indeed wonderful for the would-be-mom to be blessed by her friends; the would-be born baby feels the love and affection of the family and friends that would welcome his/her in this world even before he/she comes into the world.

Keep the Baby Shower Party Idea New

You should always try to improve to improve on tradition. The world is changing very fast. Hence, these parties, too, should leave sufficient scope to broaden its horizons and include the husband. Hey, come on! How did the baby get inside the mother in the first place, if not for the husband? The husband, who will be a father soon, needs some pampering too.

The baby shower party idea of having men invited over can be disastrous if they are not sensitive enough to be impeccably clean and punctual. Other than that all the girls would love to come to the party with their husbands of course. In order to make this baby shower party idea work great, a good deal of planning needs to done.

You can have a two-in-one party. When your friends and their husbands arrive, the men would be whisked to the non-vegetarian/ vegetarian fare, preferably where they can barbecue and a lot of beer and champagne. On the other side, you can have the lovely party in your name. For discussion and fun, you could reminisce about the ordinary girl stuff like dancing, romancing and courting days.

Advice for the Baby

Invariably the topic would move towards the baby and then each and everyone should give what they brought for the little one, and then put some life into the party and organize some fun games.

You could put a price for catching a chicken. You could play musical chairs, or you could reminisce on how you met your husband, and ask each one present there to tell their story. Similarly, you could discuss and exchange advice for the little one. Women love this type of cozy and enjoyable get-together. Men love their barbecuing and spending time close to their wives on such a lovely day, would be wonderful.

This baby shower party idea is free of cost – but it has a condition. You will have to pass on this advice to other people too. It’s time we break out from stagnant tradition, from stagnant life, etc. It’s time everyone had some great fun.

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