Baby Sleep: A place to sleep in – Getting baby to sleep

A baby does not really care where you make her sleep. All she needs is raised sides to keep her from rolling out and something soft but firm in the bottom for a mattress.

If you can afford it, you can buy her a handsome crib which comes in a variety of sizes and shapes and is made from metal, wood or cane. We recommend the collapsible cribs which do not pose any space problem as they can be stored with ease when not in use. The cradle has been designed with a due consideration to the baby’s posture. The baby’s back is supported by a stiff, flat piece under the mattress which prevents curving of the spine and the baby can easily sleep in it up to two years of age.

But if you cannot afford a crib, then you can convert a plastic wash basin or your old bureau drawer into a handsome crib. Cover the outside with a nice dainty frill and line the inside with a firm mattress. You may use a couple of bolsters (long, narrow­row pillows) to prevent her from hurting herself against the sides of the bed. As for the mattress, you can either buy a foam rubber one which holds its shape better but is quite costly, or you can make a mattress yourself by folding an old blanket and stuffing it with cotton wool and tufting it.

You will need two waterproof sheets made of plastic or rubber, large enough to be tucked under the mattress (or else the edges of the mattress may get wet with urine and start smelling). Also, buy two extra waterproof sheets which should be large enough to hold the baby. These sheets should be enclosed in cotton covers. You must make at least a dozen cotton covers. This is to absorb moisture and allow some circulation of air under the baby’s body. The best covers can be made with casement cambric or poplin, or even old voile sarees. Make 6 bed sheets. They can be made to look attractive by putting a lace edging or having the edging embroidered.

3 tips to help your baby get the sound sleep that it needs

Babies spend most of their time sleeping. Their little bodies grow and get stronger during their sleep. Irrespective of the fact that your baby is a heavy sleeper or a light one, it is important to take the necessary steps to boost their sleeping patterns by recreating the comforts of the womb.

You should create a cozy sleeping area: Although cribs are the first sleeping space that most parents get for their newborn babies,  space may be too much for your baby to be comfortable with. Why? Because you have to keep in mind that they have experienced nine-month snugness inside the womb and having such a large space between their bodies and the walls of a crib will make them uneasy and cry. It will be best to have your baby sleep in a tight bassinet or in a baby carriage for the first few months after they are born.

You should relax your baby with soothing sounds: Sleeping may be difficult for your newborn baby soon after being born because they do not have the sounds of comfort that they had inside of their Mommy’s tummy. For many months your baby was comforted by the sounds of your heartbeat or by the gurgling sounds of your stomach. These internal sounds kept the baby amused and relaxed. So while putting your baby to sleep, having the sounds of a humming fan or the soft ringing sounds of a baby music box will help them to have a more sound sleep.

You support your baby’s need to rest during the day: If your baby is having night-time sleeping disorders that are also interrupting your sleeping patterns, then you may have a tendency to fix this problem by keeping the baby up during the day. While this may work with small children to cause them to be more tired at night, it is not advised for your newborn baby. This will only cause your baby to be more tired and in turn, will make the baby restless to sleep at night. A well-rested baby will have healthier sleeping patterns than the one who is tired from being kept awake during the day when they actually wanted to sleep.

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