cox’s bazar: the longest sea beach in the world

cox’s bazar: the longest sea beach in the world

Cox’s Bazar is the world’s longest sea beach that is also called the capital of tourism in Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar is a seaside town, a fishing port and the district headquarters in Bangladesh. It’s a good place to enjoy the nature of beautiful Bangladesh. It has well known for its ample and long sandy beach, which also considered as the world’s longest natural sandy sea beach.

The seashore in Cox Bazar tourism is a continuous 125 kilometers (78 mi) sandy sea beach with a gentle slope which is one of the best tourist places in Bangladesh. It is situated 152 kilometers (94 mi) south of the Chittagong Seaport. It is also acknowledged by the name Panowa, whose exact translation is “yellow blossom”. It’s another previous name was “Palongkee”.


The Cox’s Bazar derives its name from Captain Hiram Cox who was an officer of the British East India Company. He was delegated Superintendent of Palongkee after Warren Hastings turned into the Governor of Bengal. Captain Cox was particularly mobilized to manage the oldest conflict between local Rakhains and Arakan refugees and made a significant progress. He died in 1799 before he could complete his work. To recognize his part in rehabilitation work, a market was set up and named Cox’s Bazar accurately “Cox’s Market”.

Now a day, Cox Bazar tourism is a standout amongst most-visited tourist destinations in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Government has formed the Tourist Police battalion for better protection of local and foreign tourists in 2013, as they can freely look after the beautiful nature and wildlife tourist spots of Cox’s Bazar.

Where to Visit :  6 Attractive Places nearby the Cox’s Bazar


himchori It’s about 32 km south of the Cox’s Bazar sea beach. It’s a better place for a picnic and photo-shooting. You can observe the famous “Broken Hills” and waterfalls here which are rare sights.

Inani Beach


It’s about 3 km south of Himchari and just on the beach, you’ll see the sea to the west and steep hills to the east. It’s only 30 minutes drive from the Cox’s Bazar and ideal place who loves sea-bathing and picnic.



It’s an island which has an area of 268 km2. From the top of the island you can see a range of low hills and mangrove jungle.



This is a usual Buddhist village which has 16 km away from the Cox’s Bazar. There are khyangs, monasteries and pagodas that surrounding images of Buddha in gold, bronze and several metals and inlaid with precious stones.

Sonadia Island


It’s about 7 km from Cox’s Bazar and about 9 km2 in area. During the winter fisherman set up short-term camps on the island and dry all their catches of sea fish.



Teknaf situated beside the Naaf river which I opposite of Myanmar. A natural beauty of wild animals, birds and journey on the river.

Where to stay : 8 Best Resorts in Cox’s Bazar

Most of the hotels are in the main town area. The massive stars hotels are nearer to the beach which has higher tariff but have amazing view & location. Below you will find some of them:

  • Seagull Hotel:                    ☎ +88-0341-62490
  • Hotel Sea Crown:             ☎ +88-0341-64795
  • Ocean Paradise Hotel:   ☎ +88-0341-52370
  • Nilima Beach Resort:      ☎ +88-0341-52443
  • Hotel Coastal Peace:       ☎ +88-01755-521797
  • Hotel The Cox Today:     ☎  +88-031-2853931, +88-031-2853932
  • Hotel Beach Way:            ☎ +88-034-164858, +88-034-16446
  • Hotel Sea Palace Ltd:      ☎ +880-1714-652227

What to Do : 6 Best Things to do in Cox’s Bazar

  • Swimming in the sea surf sandy beach
  • Fishing
  • Funfest Beach Activities
  • Surfing
  • Drink Coconut Water
  • Eat Banana’s


We always prefer this place to visit as it’s the best Bangladesh tourism place to discover the beautiful Bangladesh. It’s very easy to visit Cox’s Bazar and stay there. Roads and transports are very good and you have lots of hotel and motels to choose within your budget.


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