belarusian ice hockey team

belarusian ice hockey team

The Belarusian ice hockey team is presently ranked eleventh in the world by the IIHF.

The team is administrated by the Belarus Ice Hockey Federation.

Perhaps, the best moment in Belarusian hockey history was the win against Sweden in the quarter final of the Winter Olympics 2002, where the team finally finished fourth.

They have 2,850 players in their national ice hockey pool that is 0.02% of the total population.

Glen Hanlon was their coach on 2005 and 2006 Ice Hockey World Championships, who bring the best-ever outcome in the IIHF World Championship that is sixth place in 2006.

Glen Hanlon was succeeded by Curt Fraser, who guided the Belarusian national men’s ice hockey team in 2007 and 2008.

Hanlon came back to coach the team again for 2009 IIHF World Championship in Switzerland. In 2011 World Championships Mikhail Grabovski was named as the team captain.


Nickname(s) The Bisons
Association Belarus Ice Hockey Federation
Captain Alexei Kalyuzhny
Head coach Dave Lewis
Assistants Oleg Antonenko
Vladimir Bure
Yuri Faikov
Michael Lehner
Andrei Mezin
Craig Woodcroft
Most games Alexander Makritsky (175)
Most points Andrei Skabelka (114)

Olympic Games

1998 – 7th place

2002 – 4th place

2010 – 9th place


World Championship

Year Result Location
1994 22nd place Poprad / Spišská Nová Ves, Slovakia
1995 21st place Sofia, Bulgaria
1996 15th place Eindhoven, Netherlands
1997 13th place Katowice / Sosnowiec, Poland
1998 8th place Zurich / Basel, Switzerland
1999 9th place Oslo / Lillehammer / Hamar, Norway
2000 9th place Saint Petersburg, Russia
2001 14th place Cologne / Hanover / Nuremberg, Germany
2002 17th place Eindhoven, Netherlands
2003 14th place Helsinki / Tampere / Turku, Finland
2004 18th place Oslo, Norway
2005 10th place Innsbruck / Vienna, Austria
2006 6th place Riga, Latvia
2007 11th place Moscow / Mytishchi, Russia
2008 9th place Quebec City / Halifax, Canada
2009 8th place Bern / Kloten, Switzerland
2010 10th place Cologne / Mannheim / Gelsenkirchen, Germany
2011 14th place Bratislava / Košice, Slovakia
2012 14th place Helsinki / Stockholm, Finland / Sweden
2013 14th place Stockholm / Helsinki, Sweden / Finland
2014 7th place Minsk, Belarus
2015 7th place Prague / Ostrava, Czech Republic
2016 12th place Moscow / Saint Petersburg, Russia

Belarusian Best Ice Hockey Players

In the list of best ice hockey player of Belarus, some great Belarusian players names are comes regularly at this moment such as: Ruslan Salei, Sergei Kositsyn, and Andrei Kostitsyn.


Belarus joined with the IIHF on May 6 1992. They had played in the Top Division since 1994. They took part in Olympic Games in 1998, 2002 and 2010. In the 2002 Olympics it notoriously upset Sweden by 4-3. There are 13 ice rinks and 2 leagues as the Belarus Open League and the Belarus second League.



Q: When hockey started at Belarus?

A: The first time hockey game was played in Belarus in 1946.

Q: How many players in hockey presently in Belarus?

A: Currently, they have 2,850 Belarusian Ice Hockey players which is the 0.02% of their present population.

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