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Design Everything Better

By: guestauthor

Framer is setting the bar for what a product design tool ought to be and that is incredible for every one of us and the business in general.

2018-01-05_00-45_SHAMIM AHMED

SEO Tools list 2018

By: shamimahmedbd

Here you will get SEO list at a glance is one place. The most useful and updated SEO tools list with their popular analytical power will be give here.

Common office equipment which surely requires testing and tagging

By: Alisawert

An office is a place of immense activity during working hours. There is a humdrum of people talking and working, people moving around and not to mention those subtle whirring sounds of various office equipment.

loop impedance test

This is how you test electrical safety in a new home

By: Alisawert

If you feel new plug could possibly be bad, you will discover actions to check this. Electrically powered setups ought to be inspected on a regular basis in any case, and so an energy plug check may be beneficial even when you believe it really is operating fine. And also aesthetically examining, you can do a plug check safely and securely by using a plug tester.

I LUV IT – PSY – With Lyrics I LUV IT

By: infon

Artist : PSY Album : 4X2=8 Release : 2017.05.10 Genre : Dance PSY – I LUV IT Lyrics English I […]

African Development Bank Group (AFDB)

By: infon

Regional multilateral development finance institution temporarily located in Tunis, Tunisia; the Bank Group consists of the African Development Bank, the […]

catering services image

How to market catering services with digital applications?

By: neminathan

The articles describes about how to utilize digital applications for catering services business.


Getting solutions for the bankruptcy problems

By: neminathan

The article describes about how to solve bankruptcy problems in life.

Bangladesh Vs Sri Lanka Live Streaming Online | Bangladesh Vs Sri Lanka schedule

By: infon

Are you looking for Bangladesh Vs Sri Lanka live stream and if so, how you can see the live streaming […]

2017 PSL Live Streaming Online | PSL Fixtures and Schedule

By: infon

Are you looking for PSL live stream and if so, how you can see the PSL live streaming? Yes, you […]

The OSCARs 2017 | 89th Academy Awards

By: infon

The 89th Academy Awards (OSCARs 2017) will honor the best films of 2016 in 24 categories.  The ceremony will be […]

How to Breastfeed?

By: md emraz ali sikder

If there are no complications with the mother or the infant, breastfeeding can be started an hour after the baby is born. Breastfeeding is accomplished by placing the nipple and the areola, the brown area surrounding the nipple, into the baby’s mouth. Since newborns are generally sleepy and don’t cry if hungry, this should be done often. The mother must wake the baby every hour or every couple of hours to give it some milk.

Breast Milk Is Best For The Growth Of The Baby

By: md emraz ali sikder

Deciding to feed your child with breast milk is, in fact, the best decision you can make regarding your child’s future. It is a known fact that breast milk is the best food for your baby. Breastmilk is a complete food for the baby as it has at least 400 nutrients including hormones and disease-fighting enzymes. In fact, these many nutrients are not available in the infant milk formulas found in the markets nowadays. There are also special growth compounds and hormones found in the breast milk that promotes optimal growth and development in the baby.

When breastfeeding is on red alert

By: md emraz ali sikder

Breastfed babies are considered the luckiest in the world. This is because they not only get lifetime antibodies that will last them for at least 50 years of their life; they also get the most of their mother’s love! Moreover, breastfeeding the baby for more than six months gives added benefits to the baby. In fact, it is considered that breast milk is the most conveniently available, cheapest and most nutritious food that a baby gets to benefit from by some hard work of sucking.

Weaning While Breastfeeding

By: md emraz ali sikder

It is rather difficult to breastfeed an infant without any substitute for more than three years. And it is indeed a shame indeed, that some city women don’t even breastfeed for even two months!

Underfeeding, Overfeeding, and Other Problems

By: md emraz ali sikder

While breastfeeding, new mothers are always concerned with the possibility of underfeeding their baby when breastfeeding them. Though this is rather unlikely, there is still a remote possibility.

Breast Feeding pumps

By: md emraz ali sikder

Breast pumps are very handy instruments of your mom’s toolbox. It is with this that you a mother can express her milk from her breasts to be stored or even freemen, to be given to the baby at a later date.

Breast Feeding in Public

By: md emraz ali sikder

Breastfeeding is something all mothers has to do for their children’s sake. It is not known when the child may need milk. So if there is a need to breastfeed in public, you have to first be both prepared and organized for this.

Breastfeeding Toddlers

By: md emraz ali sikder

With the job of giving birth to the baby done, the next step you have to take lies in raising the infant. If there is no problem with both the mother and child, then breastfeeding can start in an hour or two after giving birth. Continue this for six months to one year or until you feel that other liquid can be given to the child.

Calories can be burned through Breast Feed

By: md emraz ali sikder

A mother gains weight during her pregnancy for the whole nine months till the delivery of the baby. After the delivery of the baby, the next challenge the mother faces lies in the raising of the infant. The baby should be started on breastfeeding at least an hour or two after birth if there is no problem whatsoever with both the mother and the child. This should continue till the child is 6 months to one year or till the mother feels that other liquids can compensate the breast milk.

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