Breast Feeding in Public


Breastfeeding is something all mothers has to do for their children’s sake. It is not known when the child may need milk. So if there is a need to breastfeed in public, you have to first be both prepared and organized for this.

Before breastfeeding your child in baby, you have to check the local rules, regulations, and customs of the area you plan to breastfeed. Sometimes, breastfeeding is not allowed under local laws or may be frowned upon under local customs. So in such situations, it is better to think about your actions before breastfeeding in public!! Although you may think that it is allowed to breastfeed in public, this is not how the law interprets you action!! This is the most important aspect of breastfeeding in public.

If you do decide that it’s okay to breastfeed in public, you have to do it discreetly and tastefully. Some women think that it’s their god-given the right to breastfeed in public. However, it is better to always think what others think this. Not everyone may think in the same way you do. Remember, you have to respect their rights and wishes too!

The most important thing that has to be done if you plan to breastfeed in public is to wear clothing that allows you to gain easy and instant access to your breasts. You should be able to access your breasts without flaunting them or making it obvious to others on what you are doing. Always remember that breastfeeding is a natural thing. It should be so in public too. You can always choose from the best designer clothing meant for nursing mothers. There will be no problem in finding something suitable and discreet for you to wear.

Before actually breastfeeding in public, it is better to practice breastfeeding your baby at home in front of a mirror. This is because many women are nervous of breastfeeding in public because of the need of bearing intimate parts of their body in public. So practice at home to eradicate this problem! Some people tend to wait for the baby to get hungry before breastfeeding. This may cause problems as the baby may scream when hungry, which in turn draws unnecessary attention to both you and him! If you tend to be self-conscious when feeding your baby in public, this situation may make you feel even more awkward! So it is better to breastfeed him at regular intervals. The baby will drink as much as required, and you just feed him again after some time!

We know that when we smile, the world smiles at you. You could implicate this by smiling at people as they pass you. Instead of ignoring the passers-by, try smiling at them. Nine out of ten people are sure to smile back at you! Not only that, by smiling at them, you are ensured that they smile at your face than look at your breasts! If you do feel uncomfortable breastfeeding in public, you may turn away from people when breastfeeding. After all, breastfeeding is an intimate process, not to be shared with others besides your nearest and dearest! You could try draping a pretty shawl around your shoulders or perhaps use a blanket to prevent being seen. Doing this also reminds others that breastfeeding is a private affair and is not meant to be shared.

In case you are in a situation where you are out, and there is no convenient place to breastfeed your baby, you could try asking a store manager or someone else who is in charge to provide you with some private place to feed your baby. You are sure to get surprised at how accommodating people can be in such situations!

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