Breast Feeding pumps

Breast pumps are very handy instruments of your mom’s toolbox. It is with this that you a mother can express her milk from her breasts to be stored or even freemen, to be given to the baby at a later date.

The expressing of milk is handy in building up a reserve bank of breast milk to be used when the baby is going through growth spurts. It is also useful for those times when you were tired and suffering from sleep deprivation. Expressed milk can be used in those instances where your milk production tends to slow down or when you intend to go out and need breast milk to feed the baby in public. Expressing milk also helps in relieving any pain enforced through engorged breasts. And the most important thing to remember is that for the working mother who is returning to work from maternity leave, finds it beneficial expressing their milk, and then leaving it for the caretaker to feed the baby in your absence.

It is for these reasons, and much more, that breast pumps are considered a necessity for feeding women. Milk can be expressed either manually with hands, or with a breast pump. It is best to express milk with your hands if you are in great pain, and at the same time, the baby does not want to relieve your swollen breasts. Moreover, expressing with a hand is a cheaper option than expressing with a breast pump. However, with manual expressing of milk, it may take longer to get the milk and usually requires some practice.

When expressing milk, make sure that you have cleaned your hands. Next get a sterile, wide rimmed container to collect the milk that is to be expressed. Next, place your thumb above your nipple, with your fingers underneath, to form a “C” shape around the areola. Next, you have to squeeze while pushing your fingers against the chest wall. Do the same thing with a circular motion around the areola.

You can also use the breast pump, where two types are available, the electric and the manual breast pump. The mechanism of expressing milk with a breast pump is the same as expressing with hand, except that it is a lot faster and efficient at expressing the milk. To use the electric breast pump, make sure to clean your hands. Use the suction that comes with the electric breast pump, to be placed over your breast. Keep turning the pump to carry out the extraction process for you. The breast milk is collected in a container that is attached to the pump.

The manual pump seems to have some sort of lever whereby you have to clasp. This clasping may impress some force over the suction cover to help squeeze the milk out. You should make it appoint to express milk from both breasts in 20 –30 minutes. The process of expressing milk with the manual pump or the electric one may sound painful, but it actually isn’t.  Before actually venturing to buy a breast enhance, do some research on it and check the Best-Buys recommendations from the pregnancy magazines. In fact, a good breast pump very well mimics the sucking motion of the baby, and as a result, it won’t mimic the sucking motion of a baby that won’t cause any pain.


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