Breastfeeding Toddlers

With the job of giving birth to the baby done, the next step you have to take lies in raising the infant. If there is no problem with both the mother and child, then breastfeeding can start in an hour or two after giving birth. Continue this for six months to one year or until you feel that other liquid can be given to the child.

Nowadays, people believe that breastfeeding can continue till the baby becomes a toddler. It is a known fact that as a baby grows; multivitamins are given to the baby in the form of breast milk to fight against diseases. Children who are breastfed longer tend to get sick fewer times and recover quicker than children who are not breastfed for long. The milk that the mother gives has the right concentration of fat, water, sugar, proteins and antibodies. All of this protects the toddler from harmful bacteria and viruses, which help the baby, defend him from diseases and infection. This is, in fact, better than any medicine available in the market.
Breastfeeding provides various benefits for the child.

Through breastfeeding, the mother gets time to bond with the baby, thus giving him the sense of security, comfort, and warmth. This, in turn, strengthens the relationship between the two. The uterus of the mother returns back to its original size with breastfeeding. The bleeding associated with childbirth is also stopped with breastfeeding.
Breastfeeding is a great means for the mother to lose the excess pounds gained when pregnant.

This is because breastfeeding helps burn calories. It is shown through studies that the risk of cancer in the breast and ovaries is reduced with breastfeeding. With breastfeeding, the toddler grows normally and prevents the child from becoming overweight or obese in the future. The child who is breastfed till he is ready to wean promotes an emotional growth of the child. This has been proven by parents and pediatricians who have seen breastfed children grow secure and independent.

Lastly, it has been shown that children who have been breastfed have been shown to score higher on IQ tests when compared with children who did not.
As the baby grows into a toddler, it may become a bit awkward for mothers to breastfeed. So to overcome this problem, it is better to continue breastfeeding with the aid of a breast pump. The cost of the breast pump varies and is dependent on the model you intend to buy, and if the breast pumps is a manual or electronic breast pump.

You have to choose the breast pump according to the lifestyle of the mother. If you only need to have the breast pump for use while you go shopping for a few hours while leaving the baby at home than the manual pump is enough. However, if you intend to work after the baby is born, then it is better to get an electric one.

You can easily buy any breastfeeding equipment from a baby specialty store, the hospital or from the department store.

If you don’t plan to buy one, you can also rent it. Breastfeeding equipment can also be ordered from the Internet, which will be shipped to the mother in a few days’ time.

It is actually okay using a pump to extract milk than giving it from the breast of the mother.

This is because the infant is still getting the right amount of nutrients for his growth and development.

Solid foods can be added to the breast milk from your pump or from the breast as the baby gets bigger.


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