Casio Bluetooth Smart Watch for Men and Women

What’s up guys who hear from unboxed ever p and one of the cooler items, I got to take a first look at down it’s yes twenty twelve is this g-shock watch in front of me yes it looks like a regular Casio g-shock but believe me, it is not yet still rugged and tough but it’s also very smart it is Bluetooth enabled with the latest Bluetooth four-point all criteria and now what that means is you can get some real smart functionality out of this watch now first and foremost the model number is gene b your model named jean d dash sixty nine hundred and uh… that Bluetooth photo he’s going to lower to interface with your phone.

Your Smartphone and that’s going to give you all kinds of extra features you never would’ve expected to get out of your watch now there are other smart watches on the market though most of them are pretty battery hungry any require you to you know charge him up all the time this one is going to have incoming caller just like some of those other ones uh… but it has a slightly different approach to uh… caller so first things first of its in your briefcase your phone that is or backpack or something along those lines or on silent not only are you going to see that you’re getting a call coming through.

You’re also going to see the name of the individual so you can sort of edit so you know your callers and decide, if you want to answer it or not depending on what you’re doing and then all you have to do was to happen the watch to see for example it’s on sound buzz in a way in your pocket or something along those lines you just have to watch and that’ll then silence the phone and it’s also got the same idea for text messages.

It cetera on top of that you can use this fun chili call phone finder and so if you misplace your phone or you know you leave even if you just want to speed up the process of finding, where it is in your house you can actually use the watch rang the phone and a minister I’d believe even if the phones on silent or something along those lines, it’ll make an independent home unlike the one that you would get for a phone call or something along those lines much higher patient even track on your phone and uh… get on with your day.

It’s also got something this is one of the coolest features the out of range warning so if you put your phone down somewhere somebody interrupts you move in sip specific direction always from your phone the g-shock will tell you that you’re moving too far from it and remind you that you for gun it, so you turn around dole grab it and you don’t lose your phone or leave it.

Somewhere that a couple buddies of mine mega name any names who have left their bone in certain places bars and stuff like that now here’s the coolest party uses a single lithium battery and with the Bluetooth four o_ incredibly low energy consumption, you’re going to get tool years of usage at twelve hours of use per day that’s crazy talk in comparison to other smart watches that are currently on the market any to be charged almost-daily or even weekly for that matter.

It’s a little bit inconvenient to have to remember to keep your watched charged along with your Smartphone blah this is also concerning building called emergency alert uh… this is if you are filling up a glass of water and you just collapse for no apparent skidding poses for senior citizens and stuff like that or anybody who super paranoid now you just press a single button on your watch, it’ll link back up your phone the matter where that is in the house and call out to the emergency services.

It’s also got auto-login analog and I don’t know how useful this one is he has obviously somebody had your watch your watch was nearby your computer and you didn’t remember that it was anybody would have access but in an office environment it’s pretty cool cut you’re watching coming off the arrest and how that works is, if you walk away from your computer to automatically lock you out and then like you back in when you arrive back to it so that might be useful for certain people anyway cut I’m really impressed with this particular g-shock here.

I can’t wait till it becomes readily available on the market I’m definitely in a buy one show you guys what it’s all about and it was very cool to take a first look at it get a quick lives at cobs_ twenty twelve Haley guys if you enjoy discounts and hopefully you can light and favorite is video as it does help me out a bunch and I do want to thank everybody, who was subscribe to the channel for supporting what we do over here it makes this content possible Haley has until the next video I will see you around a channel k_ later.

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