Ceiling Molding is the Best Decoration You’ll Find

Ceiling molding is one of this year’s hottest things to do to your home, and for good reason. Think about when you’ve walked into someone’s house and peered up at their roof, only to find some of the most elegant features you’ve ever noticed.

You then probably thought to yourself, “Wow, I wish I would have thought of that!” Well, it’s not too late, fortunately. Crown molding (moulding in the UK) can be added to any home, old or new.

The installation and cutting can be a bit tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing, but any contractor or handyman will have no problem doing this kind of procedure.

There are several different types of this great feature. Obviously, they’re mostly for decorative purposes as they really don’t serve a functional purpose. At the most basic level, it’s just a trim, meaning it is there to slightly enhance the current look and feel.

It provides an excellent way to accentuate the existing color, and allows you to pick a complementary one. Some of the different types include cathedral style, which basically means putting the molding up along the outside portion of a slanted roof with a point in the middle (also, in case you didn’t know, molding can be installed on the outside).

This is the same as the vaulted types. What design you pick for this is up to you, but be careful that you do like the one you pick out. Installing it is work enough; it’s really a pain when you have to take it down.

In fact, learning how to cut the molding is the hardest part. It’s easier to perform this on a coffered ceiling than an angled or sloped one. A lot of people simply find pictures online for different ideas about what they could do, and are able to find inspiration that way.

Just be sure that you do know what you’re doing if you attempt to do this on your own. You don’t want to ruin your home or worse, get hurt.

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