Common office equipment which surely requires testing and tagging

These range from the smaller office equipment like desktops, personal laptops, printers, scanners, coffee-makers, water dispensers and even fire extinguishers to much larger equipment, like the generators, air conditioners and elevators.

All of these require regular testing and tagging from a professional test and tag franchise to ensure that they are functioning properly.

Testing and Tagging

Test and tag simply refers to checking the safety of any electrical equipment, be it in your work place or your home. Initially there is visual inspection which is conducted. It means that the professionals look for any physical and visible damage of the equipment, followed by electrical testing of that equipment.

Once it has been deemed safe by testing, it is properly tagged. The tag indicates the date of inspection, the name of the test and tag franchise with the next due date of inspection.

Office Equipment that Requires Regular Testing and Tagging

Just like the various electrical appliances and equipment in your home need regular testing and tagging, office equipment also requires regular upkeep. Office equipment is not only expensive but requires regular upkeep to ensure that office work is not compromised at any time.

Office equipment ranges from personal desktops too much larger equipment including generators. Regular upkeep of equipment not only ensures proper working but also maintains a safe working environment for the employees as well. As an employer, it is your responsibility to provide a safe and secure environment to your employees. Let us take a look at some of the most important of the office equipment that requires regular test and tag Victoria.

Laptops, Desktops and Hard drives

Ever since the advent of computers, storing office data has become easy and convenient. All you have to do is click on the ‘save data’ and everything is saved and within a click’s reach if you ever want to access it again. However, it comes with a price. Your desktops and your hard drives can crash at any time and if you don’t have any back-ups, you will lose all your data.

In order to avoid such a grim scenario, it is advisable to have your computers, laptops and your hard drives tested and tagged. This will ensure that they keep on running perfectly and you don’t end up losing any data.


An uninterrupted supply of power is a necessity in today’s life. All aspects of our life are dependent on electricity, be it day or night! Offices are literally run on electricity and it is important to have its uninterrupted supply during office hours and even after office hours!

Generators should be regularly tested and tagged to ensure proper working and maintain a smooth supply of electricity.

Air Conditioning and Heating Units

Giving your employees a comfortable environment to work in should be your top priority as an employer. A temperate work environment increases work productivity and this is one of the main reasons why temperatures within the office should be monitored.

Air conditioning and heating units need regular upkeep specially prior to their usage. For example, heating units should be tested before the start of winters to ensure that they are functioning properly. Likewise, air conditioning units should be tested prior to the summer season.

Regular Testing and Tagging of Office Equipment is Imperative for Increased Work Productivity and for Providing a Safe Working Environment!

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