Corporate Video Production: Humanizing your business

Corporate Video Production: Humanizing your business

Crudely breaking what you would see in the late nineties was – corporate film directors shooting an interview video spliced with some photographs. Typical! When they really wanted to get creative they would create a music track and have employees lip sync to the words. Believe you me most corporates in India have developed such videos, some of them are quite hilarious and organisations are quite embarrassed about them, till this very day.

“Discovering what not to do is the simplest lesson to do one thing right!”

I was from an art animation and engineering-programming-scripting background. When we sat down for pre-production meetings and a brief was delivered to me. I was soon telling clients “Hey, we could do a lot better than that!”. The really sad fact was that they were so close to getting it right. Except that that they had forgotten that the video was for people to consume.

  1. Humanizing your business (The Script)

When a corporate client is producing a film, I always tell them to imagine their company personified as a real living person: Humanizing your business! Put yourself in your viewers shoes. See the film in the eyes of your viewers; imagine your viewers to be little children, friends or even family. Your viewers are real people; they live, breathe, feel and have emotions. They also get bored easily! Get to the heart of the matter instead of rattling down tons of features, plans and achievements. Corporate films should simply be one person talking to another. A corporate film should never be a translation of a 50 slide presentation into a video; unless torturing your clients into watching your videos help to promote your business. Show your clients that you are real people. People that they can relate to. Motivate and inspire them with the level of care and dedication you put into your work. Be that ray of sunshine. Smile! Laugh! Radiate that joy! Show your viewers how you treat each other; rather than just say it with a long face to the camera.

  1. Confidence (Casting)

The most attractive trait or personality that we are drawn to is confidence. While humanizing your business let your talents show forth confidence in all aspects. The way they communicate, interact with each other and tell their audience about the business. Being awkward in front of the camera shows. Many times, we need to do retakes, it can be frustrating to get it right. You never ever want to show your leadership looking shifty, fidgeting or stammering. Pay attention to the casting before the film, shortlist talents that are confident and comfortable speaking in public and in front of the camera. While shooting videos of employees, I accentuate their characters; use makeup and wardrobe styling to have them look their best, rehearse scripts and use clever camera angles; slow zoom-ins and lower angle shots literally have the audience look up to the leadership and pay attention to what they say.

  1. Experience (Production)

Everything is in the details. Use experienced crews. It might always be tempting to save money on the video production and give the job to a nephew, neighbour’s kid or a fresher from film school; but you could pay heavily once the product goes live. An experienced filmmaker understands editing, technology and continuation right from the brief and through all steps of visualising the script. Film continuation, which is the art of one shot continuing into another seamlessly, is the biggest reason for criticism. A good company strives to preserve her professional image. We’re together building a corporate film, not a satire!

  1. Show no mercy (editing & post-production)

Every successful corporate video needs a call to action. The film has an introduction at the begining, body and an end. During editing, you have to be merciless! Drop those unnecessary shots. Keep the film crisp. If something doesn’t fit the story or goes in a tangent that does not connect with your audience, axe it!Let your story come together powerfully at the crescendo. Emphasise your passion with graphics, titles and music. End with a powerful thought, a call to action. Clearly persuade your audience to buy into your business.

At Web Interactive Films, we have created thousands of films and specialise in producing effective corporate videos that your audience will love to consume.

Author Bio : Mark DSouza is an award winning ad person and corporate film maker. We started creating beautiful Wedding Short Films for our friends and then also provided candid wedding photography in Bangalore and high end luxury wedding shoots for couples.




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Written By: Mark Dsouza
Mark DSouza is an award winning ad person and filmmaker and believes that marketing propaganda is dead and there is a desperate need for stories that inspire change and thought need to be told to connect with people. Mark worked as a lead designer for Times Internet Ltd and director at Web Interactive Films.
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