Creative floral gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated in different style across the globe. Every year as the day approaches, children around the world think of new ideas to honor their mothers. Mother’s day flowers bouquet is traditional and most adorable gift given on the special day. But is that all what you can do with flowers? Certainly not! There are a lot of things that can take you into celebration spirit, more than fresh flower bouquet. All you need is a little creativity; think out of the box and you will find dozen of unique floral gift ideas. Here are some of them.

Fresh flower crown

your mother is not only the queen of your house; doesn’t she need royal attire on her special day? You might have given numerous bouquets on her birthday, Mother’s day, but a fresh flower crown made by you will surely win her heart. Flower crowns are ideal to express your gratitude and to tell your mom that she is extra special. You need a few things to get started. Grab your favorite flowers for mother’s day, floral tape, wire and create it yourself. Prepare your crown a night before the celebration and keep it in the fridge overnight.

Flower basket

Fresh flowers are a beautiful way to show your love and care. But you can tweak the way you present them to your mom to reflect diversity and magnificence. Try making a flower basket this time. Gather all the needed items beforehand, think about the flowers and floral design you want and make a gorgeous arrangement yourself. You can get advice from professional florists on that. If you are running out of time, you always order a personalized flower basket from well-known mother’s day flowers delivery.

Photo frame

you may see fabulous collection of cards and gifts on stores during Mother’s Day but nothing can take the place of a personalized photo frame decorated by you. Get an ordinary picture frame from the shop and find some perfect pictures for it. Adorn the frame with real flowers of your mother’s choice. If you are low on budget, you can reuse an old frame and beautify it elegantly. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, not money.

Flowers jewelry

you can give handmade fashionable jewelry made up of real flowers. Earring, necklace, rings and bracelets—all look good with natural bloom. You can create a jewelry piece with flowers like daisies, roses, poppies, forget me knots & pansies.

Candle Centerpieces

Fresh flowers can be used to create stylish and exotic decoration pieces. You can take a crystal candle centerpiece and adorn it with cheerful daisies wrapped around. Use fresh seasonal flowers and find out decoration tricks along with stylish shortcuts on the internet and woo your mommy with something creative.

Flowers on gift boxes

if you have bought a dress, watch, gadget or any other thing for your mom, give a little detail towards its wrapping and presentation. While placing a nice ribbon and greeting card, add some real flowers at the top in a unique style. It will make your present look more attractive.

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