Curly coated retriever

Curly coated retriever

The curly coated retriever is a large very athletic dog which has a very distinctive crisp curly coat, hence the name, the coat sets it apart from all the other retriever breeds and is very thick, curly and black or livered in color.

Only the hocks, face and the front of the legs are smooth, the curly coat covers the rest of the body including the ears and long tapering tail.

Curly coated retriever as a pet

The curly coated retriever like all others of this breed is very easy to get along with and makes a very loyal pet, they are very easy to train and always like to please which makes obedience training a pleasure.

While they have an excellent temperament they can be very mischievous, the breed does require obedience training as a very young puppy as when older they have a tendency to want to do things their own way.

The curly coated retriever is a very loving dog, who is great with children and people though they should be socialized from a very early age as the breed can be very wary of strangers.

They do make an excellent watchdog and they will come to the families rescue should they be threatened, though they are not generally considered an aggressive dog.

They will make an excellent companion for the active outdoor type person as they are lively and playful, the dog particularly enjoys swimming.

Care of your curly coated retriever

Despite the thick curly coats appearance it is generally easy to care for but brushing or combing should be done with care as it tends to make the curls go frizzy and your dog then has the “bad hair” day look.

To bring back the curls the coat should be wet after brushing, some minimal trimming of the coat is required from time to time to keep stragglers at bay.

Like all retrievers the breed does suffer from hip dysplasia and they can also suffer from problems with their eyes, another problem this particular breed seems to have problems with is epilepsy so you should always purchase your puppy from a reputable breeder who only breeds from good quality stock.

The average life expectancy of the dog is around 8 to 12 years and the fully grown dog weighs around 80lbs with a height of 25 to 27″, this is the same for both bitches and dogs alike.

The curly coated retriever is a very energetic breed of retriever, who benefits from a lot of exercise, it will also benefit from training as it enjoys mental stimulation.

The retriever shouldn’t be left alone for long periods of time even if adequate room is available outdoors as they depend very much on a family life and being with the family; they can also become destructive when left alone for long periods.


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