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Today’s exchange rate of US Dollar to Afghan Afghani (USD to AFN) can be calculated using the following exchange rate calculator. Get real time currency exchange rates of USD to AFN with our currency converter.

US Dollar to Afghan Afghani currency converter

US Dollar rate today in Afghanistan = Afghan Afghani

Latest Exchange Rates: 1 USD to AFN

Exchange rates of United States (USD) to Afghanistan (AFN) with the following currency converter.

USD to AFN trend chart

USD AFN Live Currency Charts

The USD AFN chart shows the live currency rates of FX trading market. This real-time forex live chart will help you to apply technical analysis to USD AFN live currency rates. The currency exchange chart updates as quickly and default to candlestick charts to assist you trade foreign exchange.

Use this live currency charts to trade currencies on FX market and get live exchange rates of US Dollar to Afghan Afghani (USD to AFN) or Afghan Afghani to US Dollar (AFN to USD).

The currency converter is dedicated to providing free and accurate currency exchange rate information of US Dollar to Afghan Afghani (USD to AFN) with most traded currencies in the world. Whether you are a business with international clients or just a tourist looking for the currency conversion with today’s exchange rates of US Dollar to Afghan Afghani ( USD to AFN ), our aim is to provide a reliable source of information for foreign exchange transactions.

USD Flag

USD - US Dollar

Country Name : United States

Currency Name : US Dollar

Currency Code : USD

Symbol : $

Fractional unit: 1/100 = Cent

Coins : 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢ Rarely Used: $1, 50¢

Banknotes : $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 Rarely Used: $2

Central Bank : Federal Reserve Bank

Website :

The US dollar or American dollar (sign: $ or US$; code: USD) is the official currency of the USA and its isolated domains per the US Constitution. It is isolated into 100 littler cent (¢) units. The banknotes comprises of Federal Reserve Notes. The currency sign $, typically composed before the amount, is utilized for the USD and also for some different currencies. The sign was the aftereffect of a late eighteenth century evolution of the scribal contraction ps for the peso, the regular name for the Spanish dollars that were in wide dissemination in the New World from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries. These Spanish pesos or dollars were printed in Spanish America, to be specific in Mexico City; Potosí, Bolivia; and Lima, Peru. The p and the s in the long run came to be composed over each other offering ascend to $. The US dollar is commodity money of silver as ordered by the Coinage Act of 1792 which decided the dollar to be 371 4/16 grain (24.1 g) immaculate or 416 grain (27.0 g) standard silver. It is the most utilized currency in international transactions and the primary reserve currency in the world.

AFN Flag

AFN - Afghan Afghani

Country Name : Afghanistan

Currency Name : Afghan Afghani

Currency Code : AFN

Symbol : ؋

Fractional unit : 1/100 = Pul

Coins : 1 ؋ , 2 ؋ , 5 ؋

Banknotes : ؋ 1, 2؋ , 5؋ , 10؋ , 20؋ , 50؋ , 100 ؋ , 500 ؋ , 1000 ؋

Central Bank : Da Afghanistan Bank

Website :

The afghani is the currency of Afghanistan which is ostensibly subdivided into 100 pul, despite the fact that there are no pul coins right now available for use. The primary afghani was presented in 1925. Notwithstanding being subdivided into 100 pul, 20 afghani was equivalent to one amani. The conversion rate to the rupee is 1 afghani = 1 rupee 6 paisa, in light of the silver substance of the last rupee coins and the main Afghani coins. The Afghani at first contained 9 grams of silver. Since 2002, Da Afghanistan Bank has received a gliding exchange rate rule and has given the conversion rate to be resolved unreservedly by market forces.

Chart for USD/AFN

United States to Afghanistan currency conversion table

US Dollar(USD) Afghan Afghani(AFN)
$ 1 US Dollar(USD)؋ Afghan Afghani(AFN)
$ 5 US Dollar(USD) ؋ Afghan Afghani(AFN)
$ 10 US Dollar(USD)؋ Afghan Afghani(AFN)
$ 50 US Dollar(USD)؋ Afghan Afghani(AFN)
$ 100 US Dollar(USD)؋ Afghan Afghani(AFN)
$ 250 US Dollar(USD)؋ Afghan Afghani(AFN)
$ 500 US Dollar(USD)؋ Afghan Afghani(AFN)
$ 1,000 US Dollar(USD)؋ Afghan Afghani(AFN)
$ 5,000 US Dollar(USD)؋ Afghan Afghani(AFN)
$ 10,000 US Dollar(USD)؋ Afghan Afghani(AFN)
$ 50,000 US Dollar(USD)؋ Afghan Afghani(AFN)
$ 100,000 US Dollar(USD)؋ Afghan Afghani(AFN)
$ 500,000 US Dollar(USD)؋ Afghan Afghani(AFN)
$ 1,000,000 US Dollar(USD)؋ Afghan Afghani(AFN)

The afghani has been appreciating gradually, gaining 8% against the US dollar between March’14 and July’14. As of 20th January 2017, the exchange rate of US Dollar to Afghan Afghani (USD to AFN) is 1 U.S. dollar = 66.7743 Afghan Afghani. The average exchange rate has been broadly fluctuating against the US dollar from 1950 to 2010 (about 17-46 AFN per USD). The average historical exchange rates was 17.7, 39.9, 39.2, 49.0, 45.2 Afghan Afghani respectively in 1960, 1970, 1980, 2003, 2010. Contributors are progressively more making payments in afghani rather than US dollars and this appears to be extensively accepted.


The afghani has been appreciating gradually, gaining 8% against the US dollar between March’14 and July’14. As of 20th January […]

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