danish ice hockey team

danish ice hockey team

The Danish ice hockey team is representing the Denmark national ice hockey team internationally.

The team is administrated by the Danmarks Ishockey Union. The Danish team was ranked 12th as of 2007 in the IIHF World Rankings.

After disqualifying for an ice hockey world championship from 1949, they had surprised many in 2003 after finishing in 11th place, with a tie game against the world champions Canada.

They have presently 4,255 players that is the 0.07% of their current population. Swedish Janne Karlsson is their current coach replaced of Per Bäckman.


Nickname(s) Danish Lions
Association Danmarks Ishockey Union
Captain Morten Green
General Manager Kim Pedersen
Head coach Janne Karlsson
Assistants Theis Møller-Hansen
Tomas Jonsson
Most games Morten Green (299)
Most points Jens Nielsen (241)


Danish Best Ice Hockey Players

In the list of best ice hockey player of Denmark, some presebt Danish players names are comes at this moment such as: Poul Popiel, Frans Nielsen, Mikkel Bødker, Lars Eller, Jannik Hansen, Peter Regin, Philip Larsen, Nicklas Jensen, Nikolaj Ehlers, Oliver Bjorkstrand, Oliver Lauridsen, Frederik Andersen.

History of Danish Ice Hockey Team

In 2003, Danish ice hockey team was returned in the elite pool after 54 years for the IIHF World Championships. The team scored two momentous, unpredicted upsets in Tampere, Finland, beating the United States by 5–2 on 26 April 2003 and had tied with Canada by 2–2 after six days later on 2 May 2003. They have also remained in the top division ever. Denmark finished at 8th place at the 2010 World Championships, which is their top ever placing to date.

The first ever ice hockey in games in Denmark were played during the early 1900. The development of the hockey proceeded slowly and they did not associated with the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) till 1946. The Danish Ice Hockey Federation was formed in 1949. In the same year, Denmark took part in the Ice Hockey World Championships as a debut and was crushed by Canada 0-47!

Olympic Games

  • 1920–2018 – Did not qualify

World Championship

1949 –10th place 1972 – 20th place 1982 – 19th place 1992 – 16th place
1962 –14th place 1973 – 21st place 1983 – 20th place 1993 – 16th place
1963 – 18th place 1975 – 20th place 1985 – 21st place 1994 – 17th place
1966 – 18th place 1976 – 20th place 1986 – 21st place 1995 – 17th place
1967 – 19th place 1977 – 19th place 1987 – 18th place 1996 – 18th place
1969 – 20th place 1978 – 19th place 1989 – 16th place 1997 – 20th place
1970 – 19th place 1979 – 16th place 1990 – 18th place 1998 – 20th place
1971 – 20th place 1981 – 20th place 1991 – 17th place 1999 – 17th place



Q: When hockey started at Denmark?

A: The first time hockey game was played in Denmark in 1900.

Q: How many players in hockey presently in Denmark?

A: Currently, they have 4,255 Danish Ice Hockey players which is the 0.07% of their present population.

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