Different Family Road Trip Activities To Engage With To Have More Fun

Different Family Road Trip Activities To Engage With To Have More Fun

There is probably nothing more enticing than the wide open road in front calling you to ride on it. It is even more thrilling when you have your spouse beside you and your kids in the back seat. Undoubtedly, the family road trip is a great adventure!

However, things can really turn ugly and uninteresting with the kids bickering at the back or when the time between two consecutive stops is too long for your kids to like it. Therefore, it is best to know a few effective and interesting road trip activities that will fill in and kill the time making the entire trip as interesting and memorable as it can be.

Remember, road trips are meant for car travel only. You can even hire separate bikes from different ebike rental shops for that matter. However, all these activities may be suitable for a bike trip but surely you are intelligent enough to make the right choice according to your mode of travel on the road.

The list of games to choose from

There are lots of games and activities that you can do in your car with your kids while driving the long and often deserted roads.

  • One such interesting game is the ‘Alphabet Game.’ In this game, you have to choose a topic such as animals or places starting with the letter ‘A’ for instance. In turn, allow each person to name another animal or place that begins with the same letter. Sounds boring? Well, you can even make it more challenging by making each participant repeating all the names that have been mentioned so far by others and adding one of that person in the end. This is a tremendous memory game and will kill the time easily making the trip more interesting. When you reach Z, start with another topic. Do not forget to reward the winner with an extra scoop of his or her favourite ice cream at the next stop which you will reach in no time.
  • Another interesting game is the License Plate Game. Riding a car or a bike you are sure to come across several cars on the road. All these vehicles will have different license plates with different numbers. Ask people to make a list of their sightings to find out who is the winner at the end of the day. Alternatively, if you find this is taking a lot of time unnecessarily having to stop every time to make a note, you can also printout a map of the different states and check of each when a license plate of a specific state is spotted by the participants, including you.
  • Provide your kids with an inexpensive and disposable camera. Ask them to take pictures of anything that they find interesting during the trip down the road. This will not only save the backseat bickering but will also allow them to make their own homemade picture storybook of their trip when they come back home and you have the pictures developed.
  • Aluminium foil art is another thing that will keep your kids engaged during a long road trip in a car. You will get these when you buy foods from the stopovers or even buy a new roll of aluminium foil. Ask them to make anything from the limitless possibilities that include jewellery, hats, animal sculptures, cars and lots more. Reward the one who is more creative and imaginative. Well, your souse can give a consolation prize to the loser.
  • Travel bingo boards are the ones that have little red sliding windows across each square when the numbers and letters are called. This is another activity that will keep your kids engaged and quiet at the backseat.
  • Counting game is another one that you can join in with your kids while riding a car or a bike hired from the ebike rental shops. Choose a specific thing to count all along the way and tally up the score of each person when you reach a rest stop and reward the one with the most points.
  • Asking questions to your kids is a classic game to engage with during a road trip on any mode of transport. This is not like the questions that they answer in their school exams, which by it is very boring. Ask one player to think of an object and allow the other to ask questions to find out what player 1 has guessed. Limit the number of questions to ten or twenty to make things more interesting and competitive. If player 2 cannot find out what it is within those question, player 1 wins and tells the answer.
  • Similarly, you can make drawing different from the school drawing while you are travelling in a car. On a piece of paper let all add a single line so that it forms a picture. On completion, you may ask your kids to color it in to buy some more quiet time.
  • If you and your kids want something more advanced and planned then Travel Totes is the game that you should engage in. In an inexpensive tote bag ask each of your kid to fill it with coloring books, crayons, a notepad, a pencil and eraser, their favourite snacks, portable treats, and even their favourite toy. This will surely put an end to the battle over the turn to use the crayons or play with the toy next.

If you find that this list is too short and not to the liking of your kids then you can also look at the internet for lots of other road trip games. Summer or winter, these downloadable versions of games will keep your kids engaged eliminating the chances of throwing tantrums. However, for this, you will need to give them a portable device to play these games on. Therefore, make sure that your kids are accustomed enough with such electronic device usage and will not damage it while playing.

Alternatively, you can provide them with cute printable versions of trip games to play on it manually. Just make sure you have enough prints.

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