The BFG (2016) Movies Trailer And Download

The BFG (2016) Movies Trailer And Download

In this season of Comic book superheroes , space-war or war trilogies and thriller films, you do not get films which are meant absolutely for children’s which of course the adults can enjoy . Finding nemo , Wall-e , Frozen , Tangled all of them have ground breaking box office hits cause of the fact that these were solely made for only one purpose for the target audiences children’s.

Release date: July 1, 2016 (USA)
Director: Steven Spielberg
Story by: Roald Dahl
Screenplay: Melissa Mathison
Producers: Frank Marshall, Steven Spielberg, Sam Mercer

A trivia in between , who is the all time highest box office grossing film director in Hollywood? Any idea !! Yup it is Steven Spielberg, a brand itself ,and film doesn’t need any introduction if it knows it has Steven in it. The person who has given us Jurassic park , Jaws, A.I , E.T , Wolf of Wall Street , Saving Private Ryan endless endless beautiful films one after another.

the bfg movie 3His last film Bridge of Spies another piece of excellence, now in 2016 he gives you based on the famous novel by Roald Dahl, The Big Friendly Giant. Yes this timeless classic has been put up on the screen again after the first installment but thanks to Spielberg who is taking care of all direction for the film.

DramWorks acquired the rights for the screenplay of this novel in 2011 from then the process of this film is been continuing.

the bfg movie 4

The BFG short form of Big friendly giant is a story about a young orphaned girl named Sophie, who lives girl’s orphanage run by the bad tempered and abusive Mrs. Clonkers. One night, Sophie sees a large cloaked person blowing a trumpet down the window of someone in the corner of the street.She is then discovered by the mysterious person and the person carries her to his homeland of Giant Country.

the bfg movie 5

There Sophiegets to know him as the Big Friendly Giant (‘BFG’), who nightly blows bottled dreams into the bedrooms of children, and who is trying to explain the other type of giants that munch humans, mostly children.
Because the giant refuses to eat people or steal food from humans, he eats a foul-tasting vegetable known as a snozzcumber.

Sophie and the BFG quickly become friends; but Sophie founds herself in danger by the sudden arrival of the Bloodbottler Giant they suspect that the BFG of harboring humans in his home. Sophie hides in the snozzcumber, unknown to the BFG; BFG offers snozzcumber to the Bloodbottlerin hope that the foul staste will irritate him and he would leave.

the bfg movie 6

As a result of that the Blood bottler spits out the snozzcumber with Sophie unknowingly she is inside, and leaves in disgust. When Sophie says that she is thirsty, the BFG treats her to a fizzy drink called frobscottle which causes noisy flatulence because of the bubbles sinking downwards. In next morning BFG takes her to Dream Country to catch more dreams but is beleaguered by the other giants along the way notably by their leader the Fleshlumpeater the largest and most fearsome. While showing her the dream catching BFG somehow catches a nightmare which ignites a fight among the Giants within. Then Sophie and BFG decide to ask for help from the Queen herself in order to stop this nuisance. What happens next, are they able to stop the giants is to be seen in the theatres.

Releasing this July 1st across the world , The Big Friendly Giant will be played by the Oscar winning Mark Rylance who is widely regarded by many as he greatest stage actor of his generation and Ruby Brnhill who plays the cute Sophie. Bill Hader nad Jemaine Clement will be playing the bloodbottler and the Fleshlumpeater respectively.

the bfg movie 7

BFG made on around $140 Million will be competing with another classic tales of ages Tarzan and is expected to have a good fight, but would still manage approximately 22-25 Million the weekend of its release worldwide.

The CGI of the film are mouthwatering as the trailer states and with it the background score by John Williams added with the direction Steven Spielberg makes to be a good recipe for animation film lovers.

the bfg movie 8

Releasing on the 1st of July closer to the American Independence holiday the movie looks to be a jam packed family reunion kind of gathering that might boost its sale of tickets and create a stir in the box office.

Rated 7.7/10 in IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes giving it a 70% rating this 115 minutes film looks to become a highly anticipated film for the audiences. So grab your tickets and take your children to the fairy tale world which you would have loved to be a part of in your childhood.

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