Dog health care tips

Dog health care tips

Certain conditions are needed in your life to ensure that you stay healthy and so you should make sure your dog remains as healthy as possible by meeting certain conditions too.

A good wholesome diet is essential, with plenty of fresh air and exercise, just as you benefit from these then so will your puppy or dog.

Regular checkups to the vets and grooming are also an essential part of your dog’s routine if they are to remain in the best of health.

Nutrition for your dog

Always make sure your dog has access to plenty of clean fresh water throughout the day, just as water plays a crucial part in our wellbeing then the same goes for your dog or puppy.

Different people have different ideas when it comes to a dog’s diet, some suggest feeding a homemade diet, while others prefer store bought dry foods or tinned dog foods.

None of these have the advantage over the other as long as your dog is getting all the daily nutritional requirements it needs, however you should refrain from giving your dog table scraps and foods as treats such as cakes, biscuits or those high in sugar.


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If you want to give your dog treats or reward him for good behavior then purchase these from a reputable pet store, pet stores sell a wide range of goodies for your dog such as chocolate drops and raw hide bones which are excellent for the teeth.

Care for the teeth

Get into a grooming routine and health checkup as early as possible, just as you go to the dentist for checkups for yourself then check your dog’s teeth and give them a brush, the earlier you start this the less likely your dog will be to kick up a fuss when he’s older.

You can use a standard child’s tooth brush on your dog’s teeth with toothpaste bought at your pet store, use one hand to hold the brush and the other to gently lift your dog’s lip when brushing. Make sure that you pay particular attention to the upper fangs and pre molars which your dog uses a lot for shearing food. While you are brushing always look for problem areas such as swelling, bleeding or chipped or broken teeth and deal with them immediately to avoid infections.

Dealing with ticks and fleas

Sometimes no matter how well groomed your dog is they can get a tick or flea infestation, this should be dealt with immediately and there are several options open to you with powders available at the pet store or vets.

You should not only treat your dog but also make sure that you thoroughly vacuum the house, including sofas, pillows and cushions. You can use products such a Borax or flea-stopper on your carpets for maximum protection from fleas and ticks, if you are unsure about removing ticks embedded in your dog then consult your vet who will take care of the problem for you.


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