Duration for Breast Feeding

People generally believe that children should be breastfed only till they are 6 months to a year old. It’s thought that once the baby walks and eats solid food, breast milk can be substituted with milk in the developing child. However, lately, parents and pediatricians believe that one can continue Breastfeeding till the baby becomes older. This is because breast milk has the right concentration of water, proteins, fat, sugar and antibodies. This protects the toddler from the harmful bacteria and viruses, and against diseases and infections, better than any medicine in the market.

Breastfeeding the baby for a long time provides the mother time to bond with the baby. This, in turn, gives a sense of security, warmth and comfort to help strengthen the relationship between the mother and the baby. It’s hard to believe, but with Breastfeeding, you can counter the threat of picky eaters! Picky eaters miss out on some vitamins and minerals, as they don’t eat some types of food like vegetables and fruits.

The toddler who breastfeeds grows normally and seldom becomes overweight or obese. They also score higher on IQ tests than the children who don’t drink breast milk. Moreover, it is proven that mothers who continue to breastfeed have a lower chance of developing breast or ovary cancer. The breastfed child usually grows up to become emotionally secure and independent. So it shows that Breastfeeding till the child is ready to wean induces emotional growth.

As the infant becomes a toddler, breastfeeding proves to be awkward for the mother. So in such cases, one should use the help of a breast pump. The cost depends on the model one wants to buy, and whether it is done manually or electronically. One should choose the breast pump depending on one’s needs. If one plans to leave the baby for a few hours while going shopping, then the manual pump is okay. However, if the mother intends to go to work after the child is born, then it is better to use an electronic one. One can buy breastfeeding equipment in a baby specialty store, the department store or from the hospital. If you don’t intend to buy one, you can also rent it. You can also order it from the Internet to be shipped to you in a few days.

Sometimes you may feel if it is okay or not to use a pump to extract milk, instead of giving it from the breast of the mother. It is okay since the baby gets the right amount of nutrients for his growth and development. As the baby grows older, you can add solid foods to the baby’s diet, including breast milk, which is pumped or given directly from the breast.

You will find lots of changes as the baby grow older, which you and the baby have to adjust to. The baby gets more than milk through breastfeeding. It also provides quality time to share with his mother and makes the mother feel better when disciplining the baby. She also feels better about telling the toddler to reduce making tantrums when things don’t go as planned.

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