Earthquake Insurance

It is very much true that we people live in a planet which is the most beautiful plant of solar system. But in order to live in this planet happily, we should protect ourselves in case of natural calamities like earthquake.

We humans feel helpless if situation becomes out of control in case of natural calamities. Earthquake insurance is very similar to property insurance in which an insurer gets the coverage in case the property has been damaged by earthquake. It is very common that proprietors insurance or homeowners insurance do not consider and cover earthquake loss.

Many quake insurance plans features a elevated deductible that makes this category of insurance helpful if the complete house has been damaged. It is not useful if a part of home has been damaged. The price of this insurance depends on the area and the chances of earthquake to come. Price also varies with the material used to make home.

It is economical if the house is made of wood because it would be able to tolerate earthquake. It is not so much economical if a house is made of bricks. Earthquake insurance covers that part on which there is some movement on the land below the house. It can be landslide, sinkhole etc.

The important part of earthquake insurance is that it is not a part of tenant or homeowner insurance plans. It is absolutely separate like automobile insurance, life insurance etc. Earthquake insurance mainly covers substantial damages. The coverage is claimed once accounting of deductibles is completed which might fluctuate from 10% to 25%.

The most essential thing that while making claims due to earthquake, it is very necessary to make it without delay as per the terms and conditions of the policy. It should be carry suitable and valid credentials and evidence of harms and damage incurred.

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