Equipment that makes Breast feeding easy

It is a known fact that breast milk is the best food for babies. Breast milk has the right composition of water, protein, fat and sugar that is needed in the first few months of the baby’s development. Breast milk also protects the baby from harmful bacteria and viruses and helps in his defense against disease and infection.

Breastfeeding should be cultivated in the baby for the first six months after the baby is born. This can continue till the baby is one-year-old or until the mother thinks that other liquids can be used instead of breast milk. Breastfeeding can be started a few hours after birth, as long as there is nothing wrong with the baby and the mother.

You can find out if the baby is getting enough milk every time he is fed by keeping track of the number of times he has to be changed. The initial breast milk is low in quantity, but high in nutrients. In this period, the baby has to be changed for a maximum of two times a day. However, as the breast milk increases, the baby will have to be changed up to 6 times in a day, to be normalized to about 3 to 4 times later on.

Not all mothers are comfortable with breastfeeding. There are some mothers who feel uncomfortable with it. These mothers need not think that it is then impossible to breastfeed. In such situations, one can breastfeed with the help of a breast pump that costs from $50 to $200. The price depends on the use of the user, and if she needs a manual or electronic one. Mothers choose breast pumps according to their lifestyles. If she intends to leave the baby home for a few hours while going shopping, then a manual pump is sufficient. However, if the mother intends to go to work after delivery, and leaves the baby home for a long time, then it is better to get an electronic one. Breastfeeding equipment is easily available in baby specialty stores, the hospital or the department store. If she doesn’t intend to buy one, she can always rent it.

It is okay to use a pump to extract milk to give to the baby, instead of giving him milk from the breast of his mother. This is because here the baby is still getting the right amount of nutrients for his growth and development. As the baby grows older, solid foods can be included in his diet, along with breast milk from the breast or the pump. One should refrain from adding any supplements to the diet of the babies like water or any other liquid as this could interfere with the milk being given to the baby. It is the first few months of the baby’s development that is very crucial. So it is important to consult the baby’s height and weight with the pediatrician.

Through breastfeeding, the mother loses the weight gained during pregnancy. It also gives time to the uterus of the mother to return to its original size. Bleeding associated with a delivery of the baby is also stopped through breastfeeding. The risk of developing breast or ovary cancer is reduced with breastfeeding

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