Estimate car insurance instantaneous to CENTERED?

Cheek CENTERED transparency by allowing calculating automatically the rate of its car insurance in some clicks. However, the getting of an answer is not also obvious …

When they are leader of insurance in the world, it is well possible to take the liberty of communicating freely on rates. And it is valid even for the car insurance where competition is however hard. That is why, on the site of AXA they find a page which offers to determine in how much would return to us car insurance.

They took part in game and the form of online estimate was tested. Result is a bit disappointing.
In reality, if the questionnaire begins in a classical way with some sometimes reparative rubrics (and not always very useful), they find themselves fast blocked.

Roughly, even if the form seems to come in 4 stages so there is believed the railway in the top of the page (” Your vehicle “, “to You and your agency”, ” supplementary Information “, ” Your rate “), our questionnaire stopped a first time at the 2nd stage with the address of a local agency.

Over instant, they thought that it would not be possible to go farther without getting into contact first with aforementioned agency. However, once found link allowing to choose her (at the same time, there was the choice hardly) it was possible to pass to the stage 3 which asked us more or less for the usage which there was of the vehicle. Reassured on the holding of our request they expected therefore to get our rate when, finally, stage was definitely disappointing to 4 us with a laconic message:

Technical internal problem:

A technical problem happened. We thank you for renewing your request later.

After several subsequent trials, result was the same. And they wondered if, finally, the form simply did not serve for “pulling down” internauts towards the local agencies. The only flat, if this had been case, they would have asked us at least for our address email. And yet it was not case. The form seems therefore indeed out of order. Damage.

We stay therefore on our hunger and we regret that AXA does not assure a stricter service of a tool of simulation which also constitutes a tremendous means to provoke prospective buyers.


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