Explore the Benefits of Strength Training for Cancer Patients

Explore the Benefits of Strength Training for Cancer Patients

We know that for people suffering from any kind of cancer exercise would be the least of all concerns for them. Cancer and its associated treatments could trigger symptoms that range from shortness of breath, nausea, fatigue, to acute pain and some other symptoms, are actually not at all conducive to any stressful physical activity.

However, experienced cancer specialists feel that cancer patients especially, mesothelioma patients must start a guided workout regimen as it has been proven effective in reducing treatment side effects, lowering fatigue, enhancing the overall well-being and quality of life.

As per https://www.cancer.org, “Some level of physical activity can improve quality of life for people with certain types of cancer, even if the disease is advanced (has spread too many places and/or is no longer responding to treatment).

But this varies by cancer type, physical ability, health problems related to cancer or cancer treatment, and other illnesses.” Exercise could bring about a dramatic change in the condition of an individual with advanced cancer but the physical activity must necessarily be based on the patient’s abilities, goals, and preferences.

In this context, you must know that an effective workout regimen must include both strength training and cardiovascular activity. It is extremely important to build muscle with effective strength training in cancer patients as it would be preventing and effectively reversing muscle loss.

If you are stronger, you could effectively improve mobility, reduce pain, lower fatigue, mitigate stressful cancer side effects and make life happier and more enjoyable.

Let us explore some of the major benefits of strength training for cancer patients.

Strength Training Is Good for Alleviating Fatigue

One of the most challenging facts about living with the effects of cancer and all its associated treatments are fatigue.

Most cancer patients are known to experience fatigue which goes much beyond usual exhaustion. It is a feeling of exasperation that prevents a cancer patient from getting out of bed.

Because of this overwhelming fatigue, a cancer patient loses even the desire or willingness to perform the necessary activities such as keeping doctor’s appointments or participating in those activities that make life meaningful and joyous such as spending quality time with family and close friends.

All kinds of exercise including strength training have been effective in remarkably reducing fatigue in numerous cancer patients. Studies have revealed that patients who exercise regularly would be experiencing a minimum of 40% to 50% reduction in fatigue as compared to those patients who prefer to be inactive.

A cancer patient may need a huge amount of mental strength and ability to overcome the obstacle of fatigue to start exercising regularly.

However, once he starts getting actively involved in some form of physical activity, it would help in dramatically reducing excessive and chronic fatigue.

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Strength Training Is Great for Reducing Muscle Loss

Strength training is effective in reducing and preventing muscle loss due to cancer. It is quite common for patients suffering from different types of cancer including mesothelioma to experience substantial muscle loss. Younger patients too, suffer from muscle loss as a side effect to cancer and its associated treatments.

If you engage in physical activity such as strength training, it would go a long way in reducing and preventing muscle loss. Strength training is the most effective and beneficial to cancer patients in terms of building muscle mass.


Strength training is great for cancer patients and it could boost flexibility and mobility thanks to improved muscle mass.

Strength training could help in building muscle mass and that stimulates appetite in cancer patients who often lose interest in having a proper diet and they often suffer from loss of appetite. It is important for cancer patients to be active.

You must appreciate the fact that exercise in any form is beneficial and important for boosting the quality of life for cancer patients in general.

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