Fill the Baby Shower Gift Basket with Love

How to fill a baby shower gift basket seems like a really fun endeavor, and it is. It hardly matters whether it’s sooner or later that you come to the conclusion that love plays the biggest part here. Done with gusto or a timid nature, this is an activity that is sure to please.

Picking a Basket

My wife used to do things like this and I observed she would get happy in the process. Now I also participate and it does not seem to matter that a man’s imprint has been added to the mix. We both like the woven reed baskets and African tribal designs. I have to refrain from putting tools or sports equipment in the baby shower gift basket but baseball caps get big smiles!

Find a Card

It’s ok to buy a card, make a card or attach a photo with some happy inscription. I like to attach the card to the basket; in fact, you can tie a string to the card and every item in the basket. My personal favorite is wrapping a small present with the Sunday comics. It adds color and a little mystery too …what’s inside?

The Secret Garden

This is your chance to really add some magic to the baby shower gift basket. It takes a little creative effort but that certain baby shower item hiding at the bottom of the gift basket will make whatever is on top even more special. Tulip bulbs wrapped in a baby bonnet for example, suggest new life and opportunity. There are lots of little personal or seasonal gifts of nature that prompt the expecting mom to look ahead and visualize all the new and different activities associated with babies.

Moms generally know there’s a lot of hard work ahead. It’s good to temper this aspect with some thoughts of fun and bright days ahead.

Fill with Love

If your baby shower gift basket isn’t filled with love already, it’s not too late. Just empty the basket and start over – even if you have to spend hours to get to this point, it’s worth it! A sprinkling of paper hearts, smiley faces or flower petals on the baby shower gift basket’s bottom should cinch the deal. Everything done with love gives good results.


Timing plays its part too, but this is the easy part. This is a good photo opportunity so be prepared. Now, take a deep breath, put a smile on your face and let go. Congratulations! Enjoy the party!

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