Finland ice hockey team

Finland ice hockey team

Ice Hockey Finland has kept on winning World Championship and Olympic medals since 1995 at a fairly regular pace. This is also happens for Ice Hockey Finland women team.

Finland was the first in Europe and third in the world after Canada and the USA to take women’s ice hockey sincerely as they have won the bronze medal in the first women’s Olympic hockey competition in 1998, Nagano.

Ice Hockey Finland is the only team sport where they are regularly competing for medals at the Olympic and the World Championship level.

Ice Hockey is clearly the most popular game in Finland considered by attendance, television reporting and sponsorship.

There is no other European country does the ice hockey engagement such an outstanding place in the domestic game scene and on international level Canada is only can compete.

This clarifies why a little country like Finland has grown to be a world power in hockey.          

Nickname(s)Leijonat / Lejonen
(The Lions)
AssociationFinnish Ice Hockey Association
CaptainMikko Koivu
General ManagerJere Lehtinen
Head coachLauri Marjamäki
AssistantsTeppo Numminen
Kalle Kaskinen
Waltteri Immonen
Most gamesRaimo Helminen (331)
Most pointsRaimo Helminen (207)

Best Ice Hockey Player of Finland

Heikki Riihiranta and Veli-Pekka Ketola became the hockey best Ice Hockey players of Finland in 1974 at North American most important leagues after they had joined at Winnipeg Jets for the World Hockey Association (WHA). Matti Hagman of Boston Bruins turned into the first Finnish player in the National Hockey League (NHL) in 1976. Jari Kurri is the first world’s best Ice Hockey player from the Ice Hockey Finland who wins five Stanley Cups including the Edmonton Oilers during 1984 to 1990 and finished his NHL career in 1998 which was the highest-scoring European player in the league history.

History of Finland Ice Hockey Team

The Finnish national men’s ice hockey team is also known as Leijonat / Lejonen representing the Finland ice hockey team internationally which is controlled by the Finland Ice Hockey Association. The Finnish men’s national ice hockey team is a member of the “Big Six” which is the unofficial group of the 6 strongest men’s ice hockey countries, together with the Canada, Czech Republic, Sweden, Russia and the United States.

The Ice Hockey Finland had reached to the sixth position in international rankings in 1960 and progressed a little more in the next 30 years. They were celebrated victories over any of the big five as their milestones. In 1963, the United States was crushed at any major championship for the first time. In 1965, Sweden was first held to a draw. In 1967, Czechoslovakia was first beaten and Canada defeated in 1968. Just the Soviet Union remained invulnerable until 1988.

The Ice Hockey Finland known as the Lions who took a long road to their success. In 1939, they had lost all games and ended 13th out of 14 in their first World Championship in Basel, Switzerland. The first appearance at Olympic in Oslo 1952 was a little better than the World Championship debut, yielding a 7th place.

The Ice Hockey Finland team was one of the last European conventional winter sport country to embrace the ice hockey game. Up to the 1920 bandy was played only on Finnish ice that was also often called “ice hockey” in the Europe.

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