Five Ways To Recognize Healthy Food

Deduce the size of the bowl:
The first rule is not to pick up just anything, just because you want to. Buy a small sized bowl. Keep in mind that this bowl filled with food is your asset. When food is taken on a big bowl, people tend to eat more. Use a big bowl when eating healthy food. And you small bowls to control your eating desire.

The Food “Color Code”:
Vegetables and fruits of different colors carry many different nutrients to the body. So pick up food that burst colors on your plate. If chicken is served with red tomatoes, green broccolis and yellow potatoes, then it is definitely filled with nutrients.

Keep Nutritious food in sight:
When you are hungry, you definitely stand in front of the fridge with the door open. Then you pick out the tasty food. We usually tend to pick out the first thing we see in such a case. To pick out the right thing in such a situation, arrange the food in the fridge in such a way that your eyes fall on fruits or vegetables or salads first.

Eye-catching Presentation:
No matter what you eat, become a presentation artist. This makes the food seem tastier. Different kinds of presentation of the same food yield different levels of interest. Lets say you do not like vegetables; but if this is presented in a beautiful way, you will definitely want to eat it.

Sit at a table while eating:
Eat only at the dining table. This satisfies your stomach even though it may not be full. A research has shown that the dining room and table of a house keeps the body mass index normal. The atmosphere here revolves around the food. So, no matter what you eat here, you will be completely satisfied. Other than this, health awareness also works.


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