Bangladesh Flag | National Flag of Bangladesh

Flag of Bangladesh
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Bangladesh Flag | National Flag of Bangladesh

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The Bangladesh flag was officially adopted on January 25, 1972, after gaining its independence from Pakistan.
The Flag of Bangladesh shows a shifted to the left from the center of the flag red disc on a green background. The red disc symbolizes the sun rising over Bengal. Likewise, the color red stands for the blood of the victims in the struggle for independence. The color green is not for Islam, but the lushness of the fields of the country. The red disk has a diameter of two-thirds of the height of the flag. Its center is in the ratio of 9:11 moved the flagpole.
It was officially on 17 Adopted in January 1972. During the year 1971 and the Indo-Pakistani war of 1971, a similar flag was used. The only difference are the outlines of Bangladesh, who were represented on the red disc. This card is removed from the flag, presumably to obtain a simplified representation.