Kiribati Flag | National Flag of Kiribati

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Kiribati Flag | National Flag of Kiribati

The flag of Kiribati was officially adopted on July 12, 1979.
The blue and white bands represent the surrounding Pacific Ocean. The frigate bird flying over the rising sun is taken from the coat of arms, and is said to symbolize strength and power at sea.The flag has been adopted the year when Kiribati attained independence from the Great Britain. Its appearance is based on the coat of arms, by which the islands were awarded in 1937 along with former Ellicei Islands, currently Tuvalu. Likewise Kiribati was at that time called differently – Gilbert Islands. Prior to 1979, the flag was represented by a blue British official flag and emblem of Gilbert Islands.

Who is credited with the original design of the flag?
Ans: Sir Arthur Grimble