Qatar Flag | National Flag of Qatar

Flag of Qatar
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Qatar Flag | National Flag of Qatar

The national flag of is the symbol of . You can also free download Flag images HD Wallpapers for use desktop and laptop.

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The flag of Qatar was officially adopted in 1949.The story goes that Qatar’s original flag used an unstable red dye, and the relentless sun faded that red into a shade of maroon, and that color is referred to today as Qatar Maroon. The toothy edge between the maroon and white fields and the flag’s width helps to identify it from that of Bahrain’s flag, a Gulf State’s country that it was formerly associated with.The flag of Qatar was adopted in 1981 when Qatar became an independent state. The Maroon color on the right side of the flag evokes the sharp sun’s rays of Qatar´s sun hitting the red cloth, or it may refer to the natural dye frequently used in Qatar which has a similar color. Chestnut stripe is separated from the right one by nine white teeth. Originally, the flag was whole red and white stripe was adopted as a sign that the country is not pirated any longer. At first glance, the flag may be confused with the flag of Bahrain, but at a closer look, we can find several differences. The red color of Bahrain´s flag is lighter, it has only five instead of nine teeth, and the ratio of the sides is quite different as well.