Flat coated retriever

Flat coated retriever

The flat coated retriever is just like all the other retriever breeds in that it has a loving caring nature and is easy to please its master; the flat coated retriever was primarily bred as a gun dog, to retrieve birds out on shoots however it also makes for an excellent pet.

It has a single coat which is very lustrous, dense and medium in length, with long feathering on the chest, backs of the legs and tail.

The most common color for this type of retriever is solid black but liver is also acceptable.

The flat coated retriever as a pet

It is a devoted retriever, who will form a strong bond with its owner and family; however they are a little harder to train than the more popular golden retriever and Labrador retriever.

They can also be a handful at times much like the Chesapeake Bay retriever and do need obedience training from a very early age.

Training sessions should be as much fun as possible for the dog and varied as they are a dog that gets bored easily, the dogs responds best to positive reinforcement due to their very sensitive nature.

The flat coated retriever is suitable for families with children, however due to its very exuberant nature they can easily knock over a smaller child by accident.

This is one of the retriever breed who is very active, always on the go and needs plenty of exercise to get rid of this energy otherwise problems can occur, such as behavioral problems and chewing of furniture.

The retriever shouldn’t be left alone for long periods of time due to their sensitive and exuberant nature as this leads them to becoming an can cause behavioral problems.

Caring for your flat coated retriever

Just like most of the retriever breeds the flat coated is no exception when it comes to problems such as hip dysplasia and eye problems, particularly glaucoma. You should always buy your puppy from a reputable breeder who knows of these problems and only uses healthy tested stock for breeding.

Very rarely epilepsy and diabetes have been found in the flat coated retriever but again if you have bought your puppy from someone who knows the breed well then problems shouldn’t occur.

The coat is generally easy to care for and should be brushed with a bristle brush; care should be taken not to bath the dog too often as this can dry out the lustrous coat.

Your dog will benefit from training but as they soon get bored this should be varied and for short times only, the earlier you start to train the retriever the easier it will be as the older they get the more stubborn they get too.

When fully grown the dog will measure around 24″ tall and will be around 70lbs in weight.


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