FPV GT Aniconic premium performance vehicle for you

FPV GT Aniconic premium performance vehicle for you

A brief overview of FPV

Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV), a Melbourne-based automobile manufacturer, provides premium performance vehicles partner of Ford automobile manufacturer, Australia. The company has already produced a big range of Ford based models under this FPV brand name since its foundation in April 2003. The featured models from FPV brand are GT, GT-P, F6 Typhoon (sedan), Pursuit (ute), Super Pursuit (ute) and F6 Tornado (ute)


The FPV GTand F6 models cost almost the same and have similar features, the only major difference being the two is the engine. FPV GT has a 5.0 L supercharged V8, code named as “Miami”. The engine gives 335 kW (455 PS; 449 bhp) of power at 5750 rpm and 570 N•m (420 lb•ft) of the torque with rpm between 2200 – 5500.FPV GTalso has a “power bulge” on its bonnet with GT decals. There are two kinds of transmission available in FPV GT has two choices available are a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic. It comes with a 19-inch alloy wheels, dual zone climate control, etc.

FPV GTis the most powerful sedan ever produced by Ford.Its power curve has been fabricated to deliver a very noticeable feel to the performance of the car. This feature becomes visible in every gear above 4000 rpm except for the first gear. A unique feature has been a rear camber bolt adjustment for the rear suspension so that it can be adjusted when required


FPV GTclaims to have a consistent acceleration recorded to be 0-100km/h in only 4.7 seconds which makes it the quickest Falcon produced ever. The gearbox comes with the 6-speed ZF automatic transmission which allows you to shift smoothly at both times when sailing and in heavy acceleration. Steering wheel paddle shifters makes FPV GT a bit more special.

The other variant is the 6-speed manual transmission which is also good. It is designed for those who want to interact more with the machine. Being a manual transmission doesn’t affect the overall look and feel, it still carries signature of a traditional muscle car.


FPV GT has stiffer spring rates, thicker anti-roll bars and widerrear tyres which gives a better complete balance with the sharper steering, better traction and advanced lateral handling. If you look at the interior cabin design, it is equally perfect. The tweaks in the cabin are also exemplary with nice touches. One of the unique features is the digital boost gauge. There is also the orange GT stripeswhich adds to the overall ambience of the cabin.


  • Engine: A 5.0-litre supercharged V8
  • Power: 351kW at the 6000rpm
  • Torque: 570Nm at the 2500-5500rpm
  • Transmission: 6-speed manual or automatic transmission
  • Consumption: 13.7L per 100km

This limited edition FPV GTF is much better than the standard GT. This model is faster and powerful than FPV GT standard. In the conclusion, one can say that FPV GTis truly a premium performance car with whooping acceleration and power to take you to the race.

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