From Baby Shower Invite to Bicycles, Swings and Puppies

How do you get the baby shower invite to bicycles, swings, and puppies? The answer is “I don’t know but it will happen very soon!” You might have noticed that things change quickly these days anyway. Before the ink is dry on the baby shower invitations, the concept of motherhood and all that comes with it could change again, at least in the mind of a young, expectant mother.

It’s an exciting time but there’s some trepidation too. Who to invite, when to have the party – it is a party don’t forget – all the little parts combine to paint a big colorful mural. And since the baby shower invitation is the grand introduction, make sure to have some fun with it.

Words on Paper

Convey a message of joy and celebration to all who you want to attend! Those receiving a baby shower invite should get the message even as they open the envelope. Don’t be afraid to invite old friends, new friends, all levels of relatives, folks from work (it’s ok to include the guys) and the whole neighborhood. For a cozier baby shower, a limited invite list might include siblings, a best friend and bride’s maids. Either way, express yourself – it’s your time.

Any paper will do, pink and blue traditional or red with purple polka dots. The card sets the mood but the words make all the difference. If you have an extra minute, add a little personal touch. Use a nickname. Remind an old friend of childhood days. Goodwill always tips the scales toward fun.

Short and sweet works, too.

Mail Early

Baby shower invites should go out four to six weeks before the event. Give people easy options if you will R.S.V.P. Email and phone confirmations are the easiest. You can cut it close if seasonal pressures are there or the baby is due in ten days. Improvise, improvise, improvise!

Nowadays, baby showers can be held almost anywhere – home, at a friend’s home, coffee house, or even at a local recreation center. My wife went to one at the chiropractor’s office and that turned out to be a real party!

Party Time

A really great fun touch is a yard sign that looks like one of the baby shower invitations. Yard signs are easy to make and your guests will be smiling before they get to the doorstep.

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