Ghostbusters – The most awesome and funny horror movie

Ghostbusters – The most awesome and funny horror movie

Directed by Paul Feig
Produced by Amy Pascal and Ivan Reitman
Production House : The Montecito Picture , Colombia Pictures, Pascal Pictures,
Movie script written by Ray Parker Jr. also known as Ray Parker,Jr.

Ghostbuster is the suquel movie of the same name which was released in 1984.It was an awesome horror movies with a lot of horror segments.Atcually we all known that fear is in our heart and it deeply carved or body and soul.This fear generally cult the movie by enjoying and recognizing globally beyond and around the galaxy.Which especially Rated the person ever best movies in the history of horror movies in horror genre.

The earliar one horror natural movie which was created in 1984.The movie was directed and also produced by the man Ivan Reitman.writer is Harold Ramis.The main character of the movie as a role of unconventional parapsychologists are Bill Murry,Aykord and Ramis.They started a ghost business for catching ghost.

The movie was first released in 8 June,1984 in United States.It was one the best successful commercial horror movie in that time.It has taken a huge amount of profits with receiving US$242 million only in United States and about $295 collect around the world.The movie has a great sense.For this Is has nominated for last two Oscars for its great Visual Effects and Best Original voice songs .The song was greatly make a great effect through the audience.

After a long wait of 32 years the Ghostbusters Franchise is closing themselves with a completely different look with different cast and curiosity. Mostly with the strong acting of actress Melissa McCarthy,Wigg,Mc Kinnon,Mc Carthy they all playing the lead character of the movie also with The Thor Guy Chris Hemsworth as a role of Kevin the assistant.

In the previous part we had seen that the story of the movie only revolve with catching ghosts as they playing the central figures for the work in a company as a nuclear engineer researchers and was joined by Leslie Jones.Lesle Jones acts as an assistant in subway worker from Chris Hemsworth.

Before the starting of the movie shooting actress Bill Murray said to reprised his role that he didn’t want to do such that kind of role.but later they decided that the whole cast would be done by the females who was the footpoint of comedy town in Hollywood.

Technical Specs : Sound Used mixed worked at many popular company.Especially Datasat ,Dobly Digital,Dobly Digital,Dolby Atmos,12Trac sound Digital
Fact : Color movie
Aspect Ratio : In this movie Director used 2.35:1 ratio
Length : The movie in 116 min

More Collection about the movie


In one scene in the movie ,Holtzmann Says that “they are much heavier than you think” with help to the packs of proton. On the first two part of the movie the actors of the movie often complained many times about the proton packs for its weight.


So when trio celebrate their first time encounter of supernatural outside haunted mansion,hugs Abby ,Erin and Ectoplasm flattered Abbys clothes.This makes them a negative relation.But in the next shot of the movie they still hopping continue up and down that there is no slime on Abby


The most horror house by known to all The Aldridge mansion is the 19 th house which situated in New York City that preserved everywhere.But its past was different. For its construction time it was one of the most luxury and elegent house featuring all kinds of happiness by a face bidet and with a hith anti Irish security system.


This movie was referenced by The Cinema Snob :Tarzan,the Ape Man

Public Reaction

Ghostbusters is such an awesome movie which creats a great maintainance for the audience.rather it remind the old classic history it also for the fact for using the great Ghostbusters character which known well as the good comic timer.

In short the Movie has successfully collect a lot of support and view from the audience.

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