Hair Loss after Pregnancy

Hair loss after pregnancy is totally normal. This is simply that all the great thick lustrous hair you had while you were pregnant is disappearing. Hair loss after pregnancy is simply a sign that you are not pregnant anymore and usually occurs around three months after having your baby. You always shed a certain percentage of your hair, every day, but during pregnancy, you shed less.

When your hormones begin to return to normal you will suffer a large amount of hair loss after pregnancy which is actually you losing the same amount f hair that you would have done over the past year. That is a lot of hair and it can seem that you are losing far too much hair but in reality, you are simply getting back to normal.

It can be a little unnerving when you first see your hair loss after pregnancy but it is perfectly normal. If you are concerned about the amount of hair loss after pregnancy you are experiencing then you can consult your health professional. It is far more likely that everything is perfectly normal rather than you suffering from any other disorder that is causing your hair to fall out. The amount that of hair loss after pregnancy will soon calm down and you are not going to go bald so there is no need to panic but your health professional can offer you reassurance that everything is progressing normally.

Many women are shocked to see how much hair loss after pregnancy they actually experience and it can be upsetting to lose all of that gorgeous hair that you had grown throughout the pregnancy. It is important to remember that your hair during pregnancy was thicker because the natural shedding process was put on hold. Your hair loss after pregnancy is not unusual. If you are extremely worried or self-conscious about your hair loss after pregnancy then it may be time for you to have a shorter hairstyle for a change.

This will make the hair loss after pregnancy appear much less and you can always grow it again once your hormones have completely settled down and your hair loss after pregnancy has stopped. Of course, the other benefit to having a shorter haircut is that you don’t need to spend as much time looking after it which can be difficult with a new baby around. So the hair loss after pregnancy may actually be a blessing in disguise after all.

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